SBS: The Weird End of Capt. James Hook

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

The Weird End of Capt. James Hook

"Many years have passed since Peter Pan left Neverland.
Peter is now a young adult, a career man, he's married and he has two children.
During a Christmas holiday in London, Captain Hook, fervently searching his revenge, kidnaps Peter's children, forcing Peter to come back again to Neverlands.
When Peter arrives, he is forced to assume the mantle of the "child in greenish tights" to fight his last challenge against Captain James Hook, who wants to kill Peter at all costs.
So in a challenge to the death, Peter and Captain Hook face off.
And just as Captain Hook is about to mortally hit Peter, Tinkerbell stops his hand, giving Peter the chance to strike the final coup de grace to the terrible Pirate"

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Hello painters,
this is Daniele, and today I would like to share my process to sculpting
my last personal bust
(truly 2 busts :-) )
So, be ready to follow me and discover the journey behing the magic of sculpting.

The Idea

I  Always have been fascinated by Peter Pan.
Since I was young.

I don't know why...

...Children Flying...

It's my world.

One movie that in particular marked my life was "Hook" by Steven Spielberg (1991).

 I literally could write that movie word for word (also Robin Williams is my favorite actor).

Watching again that movie, the only part I didn't like was Captain Hook's Death.

He got eaten by the Crocodile.


I want that Peter kills Captain Hook. No need intermediaries.
So I imagined an alternate end for Hook.
An alternative Death.

After a little brainstorming,  fed only by the desire to create and by my imagination, I started to create Peter Pan and Hook :-) :-)

The sculpting process

Sculpting this piece really challenged me.

Combine two busts and create a dynamic harmony isn't simple.

But you know what I think: you need to do new things in order to be better.

Even if that way is absolutely difficult and hostile, for the first time.

Firstly I sculpted Peter Pan, which is not exactly a young boy, but a young adult (like Peter Pan in Hook).

Remember My Method: IFAM

As I already discussed in my previous article "The Pinocchio",  I will continue to say that I'm not very talented.

Isn't a false modesty, It's reality.

I'm not very talented, I'm mainly a strong stubborn person!

My secret is the stubbornness, not artistic talent.

I go into the process, into the flow, and I work and I made mistakes... ... ... until  I obtain a sufficient dignified level.

As I Always said:

1% is talent, 99% is hard work, persistence, consistency.

Unfortunately, people are not interested in the process: people are interested only in results, so often they don't consider the amount of work and effort that an artist put into a single piece of art.

I put usually some wire on a piece of cork:

I used a bit of ciano-glue and magic sculpt to better fix all.

The first layer of clay is very important. You need to make sure it sticks very well on the armature.
Here I used some Super Sculpey Classic which is very soft and easy to manage (also more sticky).

After that, I baked in order to obtain more firm armature.
Then I attached some FIMO+Beesputty 

To firmly secure the structure I welded the arm's armature with two pieces of wire (put inside the cork).

Remember: the more the armature is full of firmness the more simple is the sculpting process

Then I decided to set the pose in something like unstable (I imagined that Peter Pan was flying)

Basically, for this bust I used FIMO Professional + Beesputty Firm (50%, 50%) the famous mix from my friend Valentin Zak :-)  But sometimes I added a tip of MixQuick Steadler, just to make the putty more sticky.

About The Face, I tried to create multiple versions.  Again, NOT TALENT, PERSISTENCY!

I think that I sculpted the face about 20 times, in order to obtain something that satisfied me

For correct and get better anatomy, simply I put some sausages of clay, then I smooth them with a simple clay shaper tool

I sculpted the Sword by Three different pieces of MAgic Sculpt, Then I attached on the right arm with some glue, in order to keed firmly.

I change every part of the bust in any moment. Just joke, play, have fun!

As you can see, I work always in front of one mirror (my friend Lucas Pina suggested to me), this helps me to see the sculpture differently.

Starting create Captain Hook, I baked to balls of Super sculpey original

Simply linked with some aluminum wire

Check the pose together

Same process: Sculpey Original, Baked, Fimo Liquid ,  Fimo+Beesputty

Just check anatomy before, I recommend to spend a lot of time in this process

To get more firmness on the structure I put a bit of original Sculpey under the bust

The Tinkerbell

Here I used some Apoxie Putty (similar to Magic Sculpt) to create different Hook's version

Shaped using some sandpaper and Dremel

Put in a metal wire in order to work on it better

To create Tinkerbell, I used a little wire to create the armature and worked on the pose before

Sometimes I use some Turpentine to smooth all the surface. 

She's about 25mm :-(

So, what would you change now?

After every sculpture, I relax and judge my own work in a different way of seeing .

Some things that probably I would change:

-The right elbow of Captain Hook is in a very uncomfortable position. That is exactly what I wanted to obtain, but probably I think I pushed it too hard.
-Probably I would sculpt the drapery of the Hook Shirt more "sharply".
-Peter Pan is looking is hand, because he's in the moment while he's understanding that he can hit Hook using his dagger. Probably this message is too hard to understand. My fault. :-(
-Some Hook's braids are too much static and attached to the torso, probably It would be better to sculpt more dynamic

 Limited Edition bust

The Weird End of Capt.James Hook 

(Peter Pan's Revenge)

designed and sculpted 

Super Sculpey Original
FIMO Soft + Mix Quick + Beesputty 
 Apoxie Putty
Magic Sculpt

This bust will be available only from 5 to 7 December 2019

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Final thoughts

This bust challenged me a lot. Every piece I tried to create something different, to push my skills over and over again


"If you always do the things you already know how to do, 
you will never be anything more than what you are now"



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