Review: Private Coaching with Markus

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
time for another private coaching session review.
This time with a gentleman that I already know since a long time and who is supporting my painting and way of the miniature painter from the early days: Markus

Me & Markus

Our main topic was bringing back Markus's painting mojo.
The joy and fun in painting his tabletop armies. This is a very common subject for me to teach hands on. I mean I know it from myself: Sometimes your painting mojo can just be stuck or it feels lost. It is normal. Reasons can be: you are burned out from painting, you are overfeed with artificial knowledge about painting in form of pixels and videos and forgot how to put this to your brush and color or you are just stuck in old methods that might need some optimization or fresh wind. All of that I can provide, because I know the dark places a painter's mojo can hide :)

This seminar for me was some kind of mash up
from several of my hands on workshops, focused and prepared to garantuee Markus all the knowledge he wanted to get out of this coaching. He asked for technical painting advice, a little bit of atmospheric painting, brush control, true metallic metalls and overall for a cool color scheme for his Death Korp of Krieg Tabletop Army. And of course getting faster with all this ...

We started with tons of theory,
followed by going in depth, more and more into painting ... basic and important knowledge applied in the beginning, atmospheric training, followed by some speed training and then putting it all to the test in the end in one example of the Death Korp of Krieg Soldier. We even found time for some OSL explanations ...

This was quite the enjoyable ride, for teacher and student alike.
Even our brains felt a little bit mashed up in the end.
Really happy to see Markus enjoying painting again.

And it was so good to see both of you again, Conny & Markus - thanks for the good chats, happy vibes and time spent in good company!

Keep on happy painting!


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