Review: Private Coaching with Werner

by Roman aka jar

"When I was new into the wargaming hobby I really didn’t care about painting miniatures at all - playing games was amazing and painting just felt like “a waste of time” when you can have a game or two instead.

Then a few years ago I actually started painting and really enjoyed it. Soon I wanted to get better  to reach a higher level of painting. Here I have to give a huge credit to Romans “Advanced Class (Atmosphere)”. This workshop changed really my relationship to color and I finally found my passion in painting.

However, there was always a thing I was very unpleasant with – metal structures in all kinds and shapes. I never could get my head around it and I really needed some hands on sessions.  So I contacted Roman found an appointment for the coaching without any hassle.

After arriving at the Massive Voodoo Studio, Roman welcomed me in a hearty way and immediately made me feel at home (His flat mate Alin was also there to work on masks. She’s a really nice and talented person. You can check out her stuff here:

After refreshing my knowledge on grisaille painting, we started to paint non-metallic metal on various shapes. During that part of the coaching, Roman really made me notice why I was always struggling with this topic. I really had several *klick*-moments during these 2 days and these helped me a lot. Then we went on to true metallic metal and I how to improve contrast and the BAM. After dinner my brain was really stuffed with new information and we decided to continue the next day.

On day 2 we started at 9 am. Roman now showed me the magic of Hybrid-TMM-NMM. I was really amazed by the large contrast range, resulting by the combination of both techniques. I practiced on a space marine and after some failings, with the help of Roman I finally get my head around this topic.

Finally, we did some practice on miniatures I brought with me.


I had a great time, learned a lot and I would always do it again. Roman is not only a nice person, but also a very good teacher. He fetches you up at your exact point on your painting journey and pushes you very far in only 2 days" 

- Werner

I want to thank you, Werner
for two beautiful days with a topic that I usually do not teach. Also for the good vibes and cool chats.
I really enjoyed preparing this hands on coaching for you and so much made sense while seeing my preparations take hold in your training during these days. I am really considering making this a weekend hands on group workshop. Thank you for the great feedback!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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2019 is closed in terms of private coaching and fully booked, plans for sessions in the first half of 2020 are in the making. I will be there for you and your personal growth as a painter!

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