Review: Basing Workshop in Arvika, Sweden

by Roman aka jar

Hello beautiful Jungle people,

it is about time for another review on a Workshop I taught in July in beautiful Sweden.
We met up in Arvika, Sweden for my famous basing workshop.

A seminar I really enjoy teaching as basing is something so important
to be able to tell stories in miniatures. A good base is half the rent for a great scene and it is not only done by using different material that you put together with superglue ...

It has been a special edition of this seminar, as we
gathered inspiration of a nearby cargraveyard upfront

"Awesome class to participate in!
Much learned, fun was had, spectacular outing to the car cemetery and amazing company! Give my best to “Einstein”, your father was a really cool dude." 
- Jonas

Instructor: Roman Lappat
Duration: Friday/Saturday/Sunday (2.5 days)

Basing is a very important part when it comes to miniature painting.
A proper display base is the stage to tell a good story and to present your models. Creating a beautiful display base means more than just glueing material together. It is about balance, harmony and compostion rules. You can learn all this in my Basing Class:

 Main topics:
- Learn composition rules
- Learn how to use the golden ratio
- Learn about reading lines, balance and weight
- Learn to sketch your ideas with a pencil
- Learn where to position your figure
- Learn how to use different sorts of material
- Learn to make nature grow on your base
- and more ...

Student level: Advanced

For this class you should be prepared with an advanced skill level. You should know about zenital light,basic color theory, contrast range and how to create a blending.

Sweden's sky

I was not only heading to Sweden
for the basing workshop, I also packed for a two day private coaching with Linda
prior to the basing class ... lots of stuff to bring!

Many thanks to the support in class material goes to

The biggest gratitude goes to Markus
for organising the workshop, being an awesome host once again and a friend that made the full journey a beautiful trip.

Sweden's Sky from above

I also want to thank my small gang of students.
Unfortanetely some had to cancel very close to the event and were not able to attend. So it happened to be more of a private coaching in basing for everyone involved.

We started off Friday morning
with a bus trip that brought us into the deep forests ... our destination was inspiration in form of a car graveyard. Something you only see once in your life. Well, it was my second time :D

It was just the right thing to get in the mood for building post-apocalyptic themed bases. After a still a little tired morning speech by me, everyone went off into the woods to check the old cars there, collect and breathe moments and ambience of this magical place ...

You can find more information
about upcoming workshops via this banner

From amazing views ...

... to details.

For me the full trip to Sweden was not only special, because of it. It was also special as my dad joined me to go hiking around Arvika to start off his pension. A really good travel companion. He also joined us for the car graveyard and I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome you gave to my dad.

Inspiring, eh?
Well, everyone who took part can tell you - if you have not been with us - you missed something!
I will drop some more of my photos to the blog of Massive Voodoo in the next weeks. Just for some free inspiration for everyone!

Later that afternoon we arrived at the venue which was a studio in the middle of Arvika for cultural exchange of artists, musicians and the community. A really cool place to teach in. Again, thanks to Markus for organising this and a big hug to his lovely wife for preparing lunch/dinner for us after the trip to the car graveyard.

Friday afternoon we started off with theory first.
Lots of. Inspiration and composition theory on how my students can create, plan and execute a base that is balanced, harmonic, setup in the golden ratio and how reading lines will guide the viewer's eyes.

Everyone recieved a model toy car to be included in the postapo scenery and to bring in the inspiration we gathered on the car cemetery.

After several sketches
everyone was setup with his very own. From there on we dived deeper into composition rules and put these to a test by creating real life bases with people as figures. We were taking that place apart :D

Many thanks to the support in class material goes to

... but also to everyone of the seminar who brought their own stuff to support the material selection. Dayumn, we had plenty. A basing heaven.

During the seminar a handout for everyone was guiding my students through the stages ...

On Saturday it was time to start building everyone's plans ... tons of Juweela bricks were used and superglue became everyone's friend :D

I am always amazed as a teacher
what comes out of this Saturday.

When my students go from big stuff to smaller details and make the small scale of 32mm a thing to understand. It is all about scale and detail in the end to make it realistic.

was all about finalising basing work and getting ready for painting.

We all were ...

So crazy ideas and storytelling occoured was time for me to sculpt four turtles.

Bases before priming :)

A reporter, four turtles, a rat ... who gets it?

Focused working ...

At Sunday's evening the workshop slowly came to an end and it was time to take photos of our results ...

Well, thank you all for a
beautiful basing workshop weekend in Arvika, Sweden.

By your results I know that many lessons have been learned and always remember, a good plan is everything you need to get you through a big basing project!

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I will be teaching this basing class
- except the car cemetery trip - again in November 2019:

Augsburg, Germany
// 22th November- 24th November 2019  3 day Basing Class
german language - 4/16 - Information PDF 
It will be the last time I teach the basing seminar with the topic "after the postapocalypse - nature strikes back". After this a new topic with new material knowledge will happen. As there is still a small number of students it is your chance to not miss it.

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