FM: Cormac, the Druid

by Roman aka jar

'Cormac, the Druid' 
is now finished and off from my table.
A really enjoyable and peaceful bust by @lucaspina_sculptor that he sculpted for @blackcrowminiatures.

Everytime I think of druids I see two different versions in my fantasy.
One as a really dark, historical correct personality that offers the hearts of his enemies on dark forest altars and the other one will always be Miraculix from Asterix and Obelix. A wise and peaceful elder that collects herbs and speaks with animals. I went for option B with this one.

I just love the interaction between the two little birds and him. Do they bring important news or just try to sing a boring song over and over again? I love when the sculpt tells a deeper story that is open for interpretation.

Hope you like him!

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Keep on happy painting!
Yours, Roman

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