News: Thanks for your support!

by Roman aka jar

Hi everyone!
One thing we did forget in the last couple of months is saying big thanks to the people on this world who support what we do on MV via their jungle donation.

Jungle gratitdue goes out to these locations:

23.01.2019 Germany, 70,00 $
23.01.2019 Germany, 70,00 $
17.04.2019 Spain, 10,00 $
30.07.2019 Germany, 70,00 €
03.08.2019 Germany, 15,00 $

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


Roman writing here and I am writing this from my end only.
Not including other members of the MV Team.

It has been a confusing year so far.
Some of you might know that 2019 is the year the MV Studio will move to a new location. First it was meant to happen in April/March 2019. Allright I thought, time for a big chance and a fresh start. My soul and muscles got ready for it.


There is good news. 
There is a new location that will be setup anew, but unfortanetely the construction work there takes longer than expected. Means the move got delayed until August/September, which is now. I canceled my trip to the NOVA Open for it, a fact that made me really sad. August and and I am not moving the studio. The new location is still not ready.

Now, it is aimed for October/November.

Stupid for a self-employed when you kind of took August/Septmber off to work on the move. October is filled with seminars and coachings. November works better for me. So let's hope the move will happen in November. Well, it is frustrating as the studio is not the place anymore it used to be. Hallways are empty, messed up from youths who use it for partying and stupid things.

When you say goodbye with your soul earlier in 2019 to a place the heart aches and you prepare yourself for the move of studio and soul. I am sad and very much looking forward to change this fact.
no one is really to blaim for it and anger does not help. I do try to find solutions to it. I do not find the right mood for painting in the studio when I am alone there. I still use it for coachings and smaller group workshops, but not for my own painting joy, which is rare these days. I am trying to setup a small corner for painting at home and once in while I am able to find the mood to sit down and paint, but it feels strange.

Thanks for reading.
I just wanted to inform you on this matter.
You can not imagine how much I look forward to see this solved.



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