Workshop Roadmap 2019 - Update!

by Roman aka jar

Hey fellow painters,

already announced two weeks ago, the second half of 2019's workshop dates is online.
I am already updating the enrollment and answering questions via email.
Thank you for signing in!
I am pretty sure you will not regret it and learn a lot!


Reviews on Seminars
- get to know what is coming at you:

Beginner Workshops
Advanced Workshops

Special Seminars (OSL, Basing, Speedpainting, Material, etc.)


Want to learn a lot about basing composition
on the topic "After the postapocalypse, nature strikes back"? If so, grab the chance for this workshop in fall 2019. I will be teaching this topic for the last time. For 2020 there will be a fresh new topic on basing, still with the same guidance on composition rules of harmony.

Student results:

The classic.
My Beginner Workshop,

an Introduction into my ways of thinking while painting. A full package of knowledge brought to you on point to make you understand your very own journey!

Student results:

A very advanced workshop: The Material Masterclass.
Learn to understand how to tackle different materials and also learn how to study them with your eyes and extract their information from real life into figures.

Student result:

You got tons of gaming models, unpainted?
Then the Speedpainting Masterclass is for you. Learn to paint up cool looking gaming figures in only 15 minutes each with these techniques.

Student results:

OSL Masterclass.
Learn to paint additional light sources to your models without any fear ...

Student results:

You can find the roadmap linked up
to the right navigation bar of Massive Voodoo :)

I am already planning private coaching sessions with several students around these seminar dates. If you are interested in having a one and one coaching with me, just write me an email!

Keep on happy painting and see you on your workshop of choice!


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