FM: Lady of the Lake

by Roman aka jar

"The Knights of the Realm needed him as the world was at a turning point.
 The Lady of the Lake had to fullfil her destiny and wade into the holy water, summoning the Green Knight, the eternal warrior of peace. She was ready, even the water was a little bit cold. She had no fear. Slowly the bottom of the lake started to gloom in deep and rich greens. He was on his way and she was ready for the conception of the eternal green flame! Together they would bring back peace and harmony in their world."

Lady of the Lake
Fer Miniatures

More photos:

Really enjoyed this bust. I knew I would paint her that way as soon as I got my hands on her two years ago at the Scale Model Challenge. It took me quite some time to call her finished, sometimes project motivation can be a miracle in itself.

It is really interesting to see where she started and where she went in all her different stages:

I plan to write a step by step article on her in the future of the Massive Voodoo, stay tuned!

For sale. 
If you want to make this unique version yours to collect my art and at the same time support me in my work, passion and life feel invited to check back with my miniature art PDF cataloge!
Thank you!

Keep on happy painting!


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