FM: The difference that colour can make: Seeking Refuge

by Josua Lai

Hello Jungle,

Roman and I recently finished the same bust as a boxart Robot Rocket Miniatures.
A beautiful sculpt by Momo Pügerl.

Every time I see the two versions against each other
I am amazed how much a different colour and a different stile can change the way a miniature looks or even what feelings it may transports. It is also pretty interesting to study how different painters interpreting volumes and where they creating points of interest. We will both say some words about our individual interpretation and show you both our versions - this is both beside eachother:

Seeking Refuge

I painted my version to be as innocent as possible. One goal of mine was to transport a pure but scared feeling. With my chosen colours I challenged myself in terms of technical aspects, the pink flesh was more fun then I first thought. The green that should have a cold light on top challenged me a lot in the end. All over the bust I tried to work with texture to breath more life into them and to create points of interest and last but not least as I just really like to paint texture in my recent Projects.

My favourite part was to paint on all her tribal tattoo kind of markings on her arms and face. This step really brought her to live and added something unknown and exotic to her. All in all I was super happy to paint up one of this Box arts of this small gem.


You can find my version also via:

When I saw this sculpt for the first time I was in awe with it. Such a melancholic piece with tons of meaning and story behind it. Lately I am bit bored by painting barbarians, space marines, orcs and many other warframed subjects. I do not enjoy the aggressive attitude in most of the sculpts out there on the market. Maybe it is because I am getting older, who knows. In this case it is still a war-themed
piece and I love the take of the other perspective to it.

When I first had this cast in my hands I knew I will not paint it blue as it would remind me too fast on a certain movie called "Avatar". I decided to paint her yellow to challenge myself as yellow is a color I do not paint very often. For the clothes I went for a "Mother Teresa" look to create the effect of even more innocence to the girl's character. From the early stage I knew I wanted to create massive emotions with making the small alien girl dirty with some dried mud and soot that shows that she just got out of a refuge space ship and has been through dark times.

When I was painting her eyes I could not help myself to paint them absolutely alien-like. I wanted to create the look of small galaxies of hope in her glance.

You can find more photos of Roman's version via:


Tell us what you enjoy about this sculpt and the two different paintjobs!
Happy Painting to you all!

Josua & Roman


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