FM: Cats

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

this project needs some words ahead :)

2018 was a year were I questioned a lot of things.
I took a little step back in my painting output due private life changes. With it I questioned the crazy output I had on my miniature project workbench. During that year I saw how exhausting it was to always strive for new things, great ideas and projects that would amaze the viewers.

A step back in the race for evolving new and interesting things in  my personal miniature painting. A step back in inspiring many others with my work as a painter. A step forward to see my true strength in the work I do: teaching. I am a born teacher and I love to teach others my knowledge about miniature painting. First this was truely confusing, later on it felt better and better. A decision where to focus on in the future.

The question was: What makes me most happy in my job?
The answer was: Seeing happy students. Other painters that enjoy learning from me. Fresh and new faces as those who learn from me since several years and evolve impressive on their journey. This is why I love my job. It is not a finished miniature project or a new upload to Putty&Paint.

makes me happy and my future focus will definetely go even deeper in this direction, but still without using patreon or any other online form in teaching. I love to teach hands on in weekend seminars or private coachings. It gave me so much insight into my students needs and it really helped me to learn to become a better teacher everytime. The teacher in me gets satisfied the most as hands on teaching is something different. Those of you who have been on one of my seminars know what I am talking about :)

Slowly the urge to paint bigger projects again came back to my soul.
Not reasoned by following an actual trend or drive, just for me. What really clicked me was one episode of the beautiful Netflix production "Love, Death and Robots" called "Zima blue". I can only recommend this episode to you. 

With that click moment I slowly returned to my #happypainting and therefore I decided to create a small project with something I darely love: cats. Plus the calm and joy they bring to me.

It  also was a good timing to finish a base that Raffa and I did build together during a private coaching with Hon in 2014.

I called it simply ...

28 mm

You can see more photos on Putty&Paint or via 

It was a very therapy-like project and I was happy to be able to enjoy its creation a lot. It has quite the deep meaning for me and I am happy that the outcome is so unique. 

The cat figures in 28 mm are from
Unfortanetely they do not ship outside France anymore :/

This unique diorama is for sale. If you are interested, please find more information via my PDF cataloge on my miniature art.

I hope you like this diorama as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Keep on happy painting!



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