SBS/Article: Different versions of Laszlo

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

inspired by the recent article by Josua and me about how color choices can create various characters I will get back to a bust that I really did paint often for my terms. Usually I do not paint one figure several times. It is not very fascinating for me to explore well known volumes over and over again with my brushwork, but in the case of "Laszlo" by Fer Miniatures I somehow did different. In this case I really found a canvas that is on hand simple and can be painted in a small amount of painting session. On the other hand it offers challenge to your creativity and brain.

I am sure you will enjoy the article and the different insights on each go and I bet you will be inspired. These six here have been painted over the last three years... let me take you on a ride!


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I painted my first version of Laszlo as a boxart for FER Miniatures in a very natural way, trying to catch the fierce character's nature of the grim sculpted look he recieved by the sculptor, Raffaele Picca.

I started with a warm natural skintone on this one ...

Used all the little cracks and wrinkles to show his scars he collected during his fights ... while adding highlights with more white in the mix I was losing saturation though.

Brought back saturation and more detail in the face, which is so full of character ...

In the end he turned out to be quite the grim guy, not properly shaved. Really beaten up and still looking forward to his next fight. His skintone is a very warm one to show that blood is pushing through his body with all the excitement going on around him. This was the story behind this guy:

"Hungary. A story.

His parents named him Laszlo. He was special and one of a kind. Even in kindergarden no kid wanted to have trouble with him. Not even his teachers in school. Laszlo was angry with life since the day he was born. Fast he became the leader of his gang and they were out for trouble and action all day long.

Laszlo was their vicious leader. A strong leader of a big growing criminal institution and money, girls, glory and violence were always surrounding Laszlo. All things come to an end and Laszlo got imprisoned.

It was time to prove him again and build up structure and settle leadership in one of Hungarys most protected prisons."
- by Raffaele Picca

You can see that such a small bust without too many details is a perfect training ground for skintone. This time I planned to paint a very pale version of him with a really crazy rough start.

It was time to clean this up and go way more pale to recive my goal.

Smoothen up, little fella!

I wanted to work in some skin irritations to show he has different issues than the original Laszlo.

This was truely fun.
An experiment in painting pale and unhealty looking skin. The yellow and greenish amount in his skintone make him look unhealthy. I think we can agree on that this guy - even it is based on the same bust - looks much different than #01.

Another version of this bust was only possible with a simple conversion. I used blister foam to create his clown hair, cut it in shape, glued it to the place and painted it. Kind of the same procedures which are used for moss.

My goal was to paint a really evil clown as so many of my friends are scared of clowns.
Unfortanetely I do not have any work in progress photos of this guy, sorryio!

Then suddenly something different happened when I was painting my next version. I was thinking about painting a guy who has the same symptoms like Hulk. Everytime he gets angry, he turns green and changes. My plan was to catch the beginning of this change ...

Started with natural skintone, added shadows and highlights before the green kicked in ...

It was a real joy to paint these effects and make him look angry ...

During this time, back in 2017 I was in the mood to go away from the common 'miniature painting thing'. I was in the mood to paint to teach myself how you can transport emotions to your painting, even the canvas is a figure or bust.

I decided to dive deeper in the emotion 'anger' and compared to my first version I wanted to go red instead of green.

I started quite different on this guy and made him glow up from below.

He turned out to look really demonic. Important for me in this paintjob was to let lose of traditional 'rules' of figure painting. I focused on patterns, linework and brushstrokes. The glow from below allowed me to show him in a different light and as red is a very powerful color to show emotions I was super pleased with the result.

One of the more experimental versions I did with this bust was one that was inspired by a miscast I found in the garbage of Raffaele's casting cave. I called this version "Envy" and also wanted to transport a feeling, an emotion.

The miscast was so interesting as some parts were missing and even opened up that I wanted to fill his throat with yellow/green envy. While - again - went away from traditional painting methods and worked on his skin with a lot of texture and structure.

I can not explain to you what is going on with this guy. It is not a plan that I have painted, it is a feeling. A display on how envy can destroy persons if they do not have control of their ego. I tried to paint textures and important spots the way they would feel instead how they should look. Like I said very experimental, but still based on the same bust.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight
 and my thoughts on the various versions of this bust. What I learned from it is when you do know the volumes on  a bust by heart because you painted it several times you can start thinking out of the box in not so common ways of creativity. Not just putting paint to a surface or a sculpt but breaking them up and create your very own vision. For example with starting to paint emotions, where the shape does not matter, it matters what you feel and how you transport your feelings via brushstrokes, color choices and different extras.

Keep on happy painting!

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