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by Roman aka jar

Heyho MV readers,

wow, what a year 2018 has been so far.
Many things in private life happened, but not only for me, also for everyone else of the Massive Voodoo Team. Active members, inactive members and also in the lifes of all our readers.

Many things just happen, you can not paint yourself away from it. A lesson learned this year as I usually just went painting when things happened in the past.

When you read these lines you will see my write as "we" and as "I". "I" means it is just my word, "we" means I do speak for the full MV Team.

First of all,
I want to thank everyone reading and supporting the MV blog, fresh and veteran readers. Thank you for your loyalty and continous support in what we do in here. I do speak in the name of the full MV Team.

We all know that life goes on.
In our age Tupac told us. Just keep your head up, eh?

Life can bring many changes and it does the older you grow as more days on this planet mean more things sum up in your life. Good things, bad things, changes, time used wisely, time used wrong, heartaches and happy joyful feelings and much more. Life gives you all of it. Most of the time we are all not prepared for it. And then changes happen with being out of control of situations. And that is another lesson learned: let it happen and go with the changes instead of fighting against them. It is called "flow" and you can imagine it like a river. It flows in a direction. It does not change the direction of the flow as what is behind is what the water masses already passed. Flow.

MV Studio Change
As we change and grow as humans we learn about the flow, we learn to accept changes.
One of these changes is that the so far known Massive Voodoo Studio will no longer exist. We will move places. All efforts to keep the Kulturpark in place did not work out in the end and the three buildings will be torn down in September 2019.

Luckily this does not mean that the Kulturpark dies.
It is even bigger now as several units of buildings will spread over the town and will host even more artists and musicians than before. We will still be a part of it. Actual plans are to move the beloved studio to its new location around April/May 2019. Right now we are waiting for more precise information. Thanks so far to all the people offering their help for the move. You are just too great, be sure I get back to you when I know more.

Another change on the horizon is that Peter and Raffa
of the MV Team decided that being a highly active part in the studio does not make much sense for them with all the changes life brought for them. Of course the studio costs rent and both are enjoying the miniature hobby as a hobby. Beside family, kids, new friends, new hobbies and new jobs there is not much time left for studio painting time. We sat together like a gang of monkeys and planned things through and the studio will see changes, too. One painter from Munich, Johannes, is already confirmed to have a full seat in the MV studio, starting in December. Plan is to find another artist for a third spot and we are actually working on it. We will have updates on this for you as soon as they are available.

A little word from Raffa
Hey everyone! Roman's words describe the situation spot on.
Discovering the world together with my little girl and working in a new job*, there's little time left for hobbies - and spending time in the studio seems like a nearly impossible task.
My life has changed so much, it's almost unbelievable.
Creative energies are still flowing to other areas of interest, making music, video stuff, physical computing projects and the like.
But another thing has changed from the end of my "professional miniature painting" career and the start of a normal job:
I don't feel the need to share my creations (social media) neither do I feel a big need of finishing things (especially music tracks). I just do things for myself as long as I enjoy them, without any pressure. Enjoying the moment and the creation itsself.
Sometimes I get the urge to paint minis, but honestly, it's not very easy for me... I come home late and at the weekends it's family time and not "dissappear into the studio" time ;)

Anyway - It's a part of me that I hold dear and I am sure there will come other times.
I want to move certain things from the studio to my home so it's easier to do that "one hour of painting".

So much from my side :)

* I am now the Creative Director in a multi media company creating mostly video contents and digital signage communication strategies with my team for big retail clients.

The new studio will be bigger
to provide more space for teaching seminars. A good and healthy change.

MV Team Changes
We also have exciting news ahead of us as the active MV Team grows stronger soon. Stay tuned in!


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