Review: Nova Open 2018 - The event

by Roman aka jar

Good Monday morning jungle,
to find the right words on this event is not easy.
It has been my fourth year now with the NOVA Open family and I am proud to tell that I am a part of it.

The NOVA Open is an amazing tabletop and wargaming convention, happening in Washington D.C, every year in the end of August, early September. The show grows bigger and better every year due the help of many volunteers that organise, setup, organise, plan ahead, work actively at place and give their hearts to our all beloved passion. They work for charity and for the fun of it, even it is hard work during the hot moments. I am really happy to be part of this family.

I will write up different coverages of the NOVA Open 2018 in the next couple of weeks to cover all the many varieties this show offers. Again, I can tell from my perspective it has been an amazing event again.

Photos used for this review are courtesy of NOVA OPEN
- you can find the big galleries over here!


Capital Palette entries on display ...

All about gaming fun ...

Amazing tabletop action ...

Massive Beasts enter the battlefield ...

Armies on display ...

Tabletop Tournaments as far as the eyes can see ...

Moments of calmness ...

Friendship and nice people all over ...


Special Security 

Organisation, Organisation, Organisation

Big tentacles ...

This calls for a game ...

Discussion (Aaron, my friend, I did not forget your posters, you will recieve them, just busy over here!)

Painting time ...

Impressive ...

Explore ...

... fingerpainting fun!

Friends & Family :)

Security Measures ...

Amazing people all over the place sharing one love.

Hey guys!

That look. I bet he is painting Space Marines for the first time!


Advertisment. Tiny ones.


Seminars by professional instructors!

Tired staff, but always focused! Mike Brandt in action!

20% increase of Capital Palette entry numbers.

Heavy gear!

Flip Flop Chainsaw Warrior!


Fresh and exclusive news from big companies!

You never get lost at the NOVA Open, because of amazing staff people!

Color balance!

Painting time ..

The Bobs taking care of Capital Palette entries!

Nova views!

Musica and ambience!

The bar ladies with the mother of geeks!

Captial Palette Judges at work!

The smiling bar ladies!

And more impressions!

Tattoo and painting inspiration!

It is really though to describe the feeling at the Nova Open.
There is such a good vibe in the air and even it is packed with many different people, companies, painters, believes and ideas it is one big happy event. It is really beautiful. Some more photos from my personal trip this year ...

There will be more reviews covering the Capital Palette and Seminars at the NOVA Open 2018!
Stay tuned!

Keep on happy painting!


Be a part of next years NOVA OPEN 2019!


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