Review: Color Theory Workshop with Alfonso Giraldes, Banshee - Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

"First of all, the course for me was truly how a course should be with the right mix of theory and practicing. I loved the fact that Alfonso referred to historical pieces and historical artists as well which brings the message across so well. It opens up a whole new world of inspiration, and I love that. Second of all, I think Alfonso is a good teacher and I like his straightforward and honest approach a lot.

The group atmosphere was very nice and I think everyone was very inspired and ready to try out ‘new’ things after the course. But most of all, I learned that I can be so much more creative, which I feel I have lost over the years. I learned not to be afraid of the plastic, the resin and the colours but to just embrace it : ) Sounds weird but it’s difficult to put it in exactly correct writing. Third of all, Alfonso is so knowledgeable which means you can ask him all sort of questions on all sorts of projects and techniques. Finally, I think everyone had a lot of fun and there was room to learn from each other as well.

All in all, for me I rate it a 10 out of a 10 and I have been painting every day since in many different ways by actually painting and trying but also by getting inspired by everything around."



Massive Voodoo brought Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee over to Augsburg, Germany to teach one of his famous Color Theory seminars. The list of participants was quickly filled and a great weekend spent in Augsburg with many known faces. If you do not know Alfonso and his work and approach to figure painting check this artist portrait I wrote of him.

I for my part,
was not taking part in the seminar. I did this once and it opened my eyes to many new things. Here is the review of Alfonso's first class in Augsburg some years back. This time I was helping in organisational aspects and took photos during the class.

I was really happy to see many of my friends and very own students alike see to get the Alfonso input. A passionate input about painting that words just can not justify. It is an exhausting weekend, but extremly rewarding on the long run when it comes to the knowledge of painting.

Some more impressions of the class ...




The seminar took place in my old school,
where I used to learn to become a teacher. It was the perfect place for this class.

Thank you Alfonso for coming to Augsburg
and teaching this class to a fully packed classroom. It has been some splendid days with you my friend!I also want to thank everyone coming to this workshop. Without you there is no reason to organise it. My plan is to have some more special guests teaching hands on in Augsburg next year! Stay tuned for 2019 and check back with the roadmap of seminars 2019!

Keep on happy painting!
We love brush strokes!



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