Seminar information! Updates!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,
time for a seminar update and little news ...

Some time has passed, that year is racing fast
and I am enjoying teaching a lot in 2018.

Right now there is a small summer break before I head to the US for the NOVA Open 2018. You might have realized that I am taking things slower this year and take breaks off from work here and there to enjoy and live my life. It is very important for me this year. This being said you will find me teaching all over the rest of 2018 and can check back with seminar dates via the seminar roadmap 2018 that is updated regularly. I also will work more on my paintjobs as soon as the summer heat did pass by in the studio. It is truely no fun at the moment.
That roof is on fire and the studio is under it,
melting brains, drying paint too quick.

Following you find all actual updates on the seminars,
including the Advanced Class' english PDF. All students enrolled yet for this 6/12 will recieve an email shortly.

Quick overview   
- here are the dates and topics for 2018. Red are upcoming seminars,
are the ones in the past. Check for the reviews on the green ones.


You now can find so far enrolled student numbers behind the seminars.
All seminars in Augsburg will take place as soon as we got up to three students!

  • 13 January (1 day): Object Source Light Masterclass (in German) Review
  • 2 - 4 February (3 days): Beginner class (German) (Download PDF) Review
  • 23 - 25 February (3 days): Basing class (English) (Download PDF) Review
  • 9 - 11 March (3 days): Beginner class (English) (Download PDF) Review
  • 16 - 18 March: Basing class (German) (Download PDF) Review
  • 7 April (1 day): Zombie Speed Painting Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) Review
  • 28 April (1 day): OSL Masterclass (English) (Download PDF) Review
  • 12 May (1 day): Painting a Space Marine Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) Review in preparation
  • 29th June - 1st July (3 days): Beginner class (German) (Download PDF) 17/25  Review in preparation
  • 13th -15th July (3 days): Advanced class (German) (Download PDF) 8/12 Review in preperation
  • 20th - 22th July (3 days): Beginner class (English) (Download PDF) 8/16 Review in preperation
  • 3rd - 4th August (2 days): Material Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) 9/12
  • 5th -7th October (3 days): Advanced class (English) (Download PDF) 6/12

  • 27th-28th October (2 days): Color Theory Class by Alfonso Giraldes (English)
    16/16 waiting list: 5

    organised by Roman & Alfonso. Important PDFs for students:

    Introduction Alfonso Giraldes

    Tools & Material & Student guide

    to sign up write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com
  • 23rd - 25th November (3 days): Beginner Class (German) (Download PDF) 32/32 (0)
  • 1st December (1 day): Zombie Speed Painting Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) 17/17 (0)
  • 14th - 16th December (3 days): Basing Class (English) (Download PDF) 9/12

If you have any questions or want to sign up please send a mail to Roman:
See further seminar describtions below or via PDFs.
Thank you!

See tons of reviews on recent coachings and seminars drop in the jungle via the next weeks!
Happy painting to all of you!
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