Review: OSL Masterclass, Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar

Ever wanted to learn how to paint Object Source Light (OSL)?

Well, Roman's one day masterclass on the subject is the place to learn it. Find more information on the seminar via Roman's curriculum:

Instructor: Roman Lappat
Duration: Saturdays (one day)

I usually do not teach masterclass seminars, but when I do these seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. This Object Source Light (OSL) Masterclass
all about light sources from objects and about the "how to" place them and the "why" behind it. After this seminar you can transport these into your projects easily.

Main topics:
- Understand the principles of OSL
- Learn how to include them on different materials
- Learn about different time slots when to include these effects in your projects

Student level: All

We did meet up in the MV studio ...

Some brave students who were ready to learn and master OSL. Roman took them through his seminar schedule and everybody was busy. At the brush and in the brain.

The first lessons were learned on these glowing fellas ... Kame-Hame-Ha!

The second object of studies were these bigger orcs ... Object source light?

This gang of painters got it!


Keep on happy painting!


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