Review: Jar's Speedpainting Masterclass, Augsburg, Germany

by Roman aka jar


Quite the amount of reviews to write here for the jungle as a lot of teaching has happened recently. The last couple of months were packed with teaching different seminars and private coachings. This one is a quick review on

Instructor: Roman Lappat

Duration: Saturdays (one day)
I usually do not teach masterclass seminars, but when I do these seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. This Speed Painting Masterclass is all about speed, efficency and zombie hordes. 

Main topics:

- Learn to paint a Zombie gaming figure in about fifteen Minutes
- Speedpainting techniques and training
- Learn these techniques on Zombies, but learn how
to put them to your other gaming figures too

Student level: All

I want to thank this cool gang of students for their bravery to join up for speedpainting!

During this one day seminar
I did explain my way of speedpainting rules that help me to paint a Zombie up for gaming in about 15 Minutes. These were my two examples.

We've meet up in the MV studio and after my explanations it was time for my students to apply the newly learned techniques. First training and then less and less time for painting up one Zombie. Everyone was able to finish several ones ...

What a gang of painters can do on a one speedpainting seminar ...

Why is speed an interesting topic to learn?
Well, everyone knows how many models are there to paint. Some for gaming, others for display. It is just the best feeling to call something done and to learn a quick approach for gaming models is priceless. It saves you lifetime and time you can spent more on your display projects.

Thanks to everyone for attending the class and thank you for some Zombie donations to the great cause that is MV's Zombie Community project.

Keep on happy painting! Fast!


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