Review: Private Coaching with Margot and Kyle

by Roman aka jar


it has been said enough times. It is review time on Massive Voodoo.
So much happened the last couple of months. Time to look back!

After the Duke of Bavaria
Margot and Kyle visited me for a two day private coaching session in the MV studio. Not has it only been a great teaching time, it also were some great days of friendship. Together - with me in the lead of the seminar - we looked in depth on the subject "How to paint atmosphere!" ...

Kyle, me, Margot

Instructor: Roman Lappat

My Advanced miniature painting class, a class that takes my students deeper into my brain, after the famous Beginner's Class.
The subjects are getting more complex in this class. It took me about three years to extract the concept out of my own learning process to make this class another eye opener for every miniature painter who wants to raise his skills.

Main topics:
- Learn to paint atmosphere in a Miniature Project
- Learn to keep everything in your project balanced in harmony
- Doing a simple, but effective conversion to make your model unique
- Learn quick and effective rules creating amazing gaming bases
- Learn to paint skintones
- Learn to paint the colors 'black' and 'white'
- Advanced Color Theory
- Advanced Blending Techniques
- Advanced Happy Painting Methods
- and more!

Student level: AdvancedFor this class you should be prepared with an advanced skill level. You should know about zenital light,basic color theory, contrast range and how to create a blending.

Not all during these two days was about cake.

There was stuff to learn ...

... like how to apply strong atmosphere.
First in your brain, then on the figure.

Then there was cake again.
No, this is bread. Wonderful bread.

This is cake. Wonderful cake.

More cake please!

After cake, it was painting time again.

For Margot it was also not only learning to paint atmosphere. She tackled her first bust in acrylics as she usually paints with oils and wanted to learn more about the way to paint nicely with acrylic paints.

The results of both my students were wonderful.
The theory part took quite the time on the first day and then there was too much cake.
On the second day we were able to bring my student's bust this far and I was a happy teacher enjoying the process of my students.

Margot's first go with Acrylic Paints.

Kyle's Hussite Warrior put into a dense forest ambience.

Thank you both for your trust in my teachings
and the great time spent together. And the cake. And the bread. And the good talks.

Happy Painting!

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