MV Zombie Community Project - Update #08

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle, 

what I personally enjoy when it comes to Zombies is that everyone thinks they are dead.
... but what if they have feelings?

Well, deep philoshopy here.

Raising the dead once more in Update #08 on this project after
MV Zombie Community Project - Update #07

 I am proud to say that the project is not dead even the jungle went a little more silent on it in the last couple of months. That is because of you all who help us make this project real!

If you don´t know what we are talking about you are welcome to check the link below, where the idea behind the project is explained. You will also find there a link to all the updates and names on people who are supporting us in this:


Update #01
Update #02
Update #03
Update #04
Update #05

Update #06 

Update #07

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

In the meantime we recieved tons of painted Zombies from you ...
A beautiful thing that shows us how far we went already. Many thanks to all of you who support this crazy idea and I can promise you one thing: You will see it finished one day :)

Ok, time for updates

- as 2018 started crazy for me on private life changes I was not able to update you earlier. I am sorry for this fact. This was what I had to deal with to unpack and roll it out and glue to the already existing Zombie masses:

This looks so epic already:

Let's start:
Erik provided us with this little fella. He looks like that Zombie who has feelings, right?
Playing the party role in the hordes. Thanks a lot, Erik!

I am getting old it seems :)
Unfortanetely I wrote down all names from people who supported us recently on a piece of paper. I lost it. Now I am sitting in front of Zombie photos that I'll show you and do not know your names to it anymore. This makes me feel very responsible ... not. I am sorry. Postmen brought Zombies, Painters I saw on seminars and events handed me over theirs and students from my Speedpainting Seminar left a Zombie or several as well - I was just to distracted with life issues inside myself that I lost track ... :/

Please drop a comment below to point out yours and the post and list will be updated with your names.

#01 *place your name here*

#02 *place your name here*

#03 *place your name here*

Christian came up with this beauty.
Thank you!

We got the Joker and a Homer Simpson Zombie. Amazing!
but ... #04 *place your name here*

#05 Donal! These cops are so cool!

#06 *place your name here*

#07 *place your name here*

#08 *place your name here*

Thanks to Aurelie,
who left all her beautiful Speedpainting Seminar results for the good cause of this project - the ones with the black bases:

You will not believe it,
but in them meantime more Zombies arrived and I am already working on the next update. Holy moly, this year is racing along ...

Thanks for the support to:

Luis, Spain
Pigment Pirates Gang, Germany
Ole, Sweden
The whole group of students of Roman's Speedpainting Masterclass I
The whole group of students of Roman's Speedpainting Masterclass II (review soon)
Erik, Germany
Jannick, Germany
Matthias, Austria
Sergio, Spain
Chris, Germany
David, Germany
Sebastian, Germany
Martin, Germany
Andy, Germany
Kevin, USA
David, Germany
Nicolas, France
Yannick, France
Désiré, France
Nassim, France
Dimitri, France
Sebastian, Germany
Fabian, Germany
Bryan, USA
Josua, Switzerland
Lucky, Germany
Mads, Denmark
Matty, UK
Martin, Germany
Klaus, Germany
Sebastian, Germany
Anthony, USA
David, Germany
David, Australia
Mathias, Austria
Frederik, France
Christian, Germany
*place your name here*
**if you miss yours, please comment**

Keep on happy gnaarrggllll!
Best Wishes


If you missed it, the new Massive Voodoo challenge for 2018 is on ...


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