Anonmious 2.0

by Roman aka jar

Good Monday Morning Jungle,

while I teach private coachings and weekend seminars I am always working on some projects for proper explanations. This one was a lot of joy to explain atmosphere on.

Sculpted by Alfonso Giraldes this bust is yet simple on the first look, but to be frank these 'easy' busts make a great canvas for wonderful color explorational paintjobs. Alfonso's bust, called "Anonimous 1.0" reached world wide fame as many painters outthere joined the train to paint up one with their personal touch.  Alfonso brings out version 2.0 now and expectations are high to see many great versions of this in the future.

I enjoyed painting mine and as I was a little bit out of painting training I used it for pure #happypainting color explorations. Of course with an interesting light situation to feel a little challenge.

Anonimous 2.0

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This bust is for sale.
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I was checking back with the work in progress photos I did if I got enough for an article and well ... no ... but I will show them anyway. Hope you enjoy!

Keep on happy painting!


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