WIPs of the Month - February

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey dear jungle readers,

it´s middle of February and I wanted to share with you my actual pieces I´m working on. To be honest I was not very diligent in the last two months. Thanks to my job and some stupid family business my mind was occupied and distracted. I learnt in the last years that it´s better to stay away from the painting table if I´m not in the best mood. I can´t relax fully and things get even worse when something unexpected happens during painting (which I´m the expert in :-D ). So, I focused on playing computer and trying to get things settled.

Well, last weekend I joined a class in Augsburg, hold by Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee. I won´t tell you too much about the class as there is already a review in preparation. But I can tell you that it brought me back to my painting table.

So, what I´m actually working on? At the moment I focus on the workshop miniature we started painting during the class. It´s the Ronin from Andreas Miniatures in 75mm. A very nice mini with not too much detail. Perfect for experimenting :-)

You will notice that here is a big difference to my usual painting style: I used intense colors! :-D This is something I was forced to do during the class. But to say it right here: I like it!

The basic concept of the mini was a mainly warm color scheme with quite a simple palette (redish, yellowish and blue colors). It´s very interesting to see the mini develop slowly. I still struggle a bit to manage the new way Alfonso showed us, but the actual result is promising in my opinion. Of course it still needs some more defining and a nice finish, but I won´t focus on it too much. At the moment I think about finishing the mini on the weekend and start/continue a new project. In my opinion, it´s not necessary to push the Ronin to perfection. I rather want to have him in the cabinet to get inspiration and have a look at the basic technique.

So what will be the next step? At the moment I think about using the things I have learned during the class on the bust from Latorre I started two months ago. Here is a picture of the recent status:

Compared with the picture from last month there have been some small changes, mainly in the face. But I somehow lost my track. It´s time for some new spirit ;-)

We will see how everything will develop until next month! As usual feel free to comment below. I`m curious about your thoughts and questions.



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