by Massive Voodoo

Are you painting for this awesome contest already?
If not ... MAAANNNN, get it on!

Some more additional goodies were just thrown into the random prize pool, where everyone who is taking part will have a chance to win one.

Feel not motivated? 
Well, check the great stuff of our sponsors in the random prize pool and get it on with your brushes!

Random Prize #24:
Mantic Games brings you some very cool gaming table scenery with this random prize.

Random Prize #25:
Battlefield-Berlin - the online shop for all your hobby joy throws in a collection of cool miniatures. More to come from the Battlefield in Berlin. Stay tuned!

Random Prize #26:
Not yet available online but already a random prize. Win three exclusive MV Insta-bases!
Brought to you by Massive Voodoo.

Random Prize #27:
The second bag of cool Savaged Forged Minis is in da house!

Random Prize #28:
Ayora Studio has a cool crocodile miniature for one lucky winner!

Random Prize #29:
Kaha Miniatures brings in the second bag full of miniature goodies to you!

More to come soon!

First of all we want to thank our sponsors for helping us with their support.
Without their help it would not be possible to bring you this bananalicious event with these bananalicious prizes once again. The list of supporters is huge and MV is thankful about that fact. The bananalicious random Prize pool will be epic this time!

You want to support this contest too?  
Need more information? Check this link!




... to be continued!


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