MV on a Journey

by Massive Voodoo

Time runs by so fast.
It feels like it was yesterday, but in fact it's already been one and a half week, when Peter, Bene, Raffa and Roman of MV sat down on Friday night to play the game "Journey" by Marrow Productions.

We recieved our preliminary version of the game by Hon while he visited us for private coaching.
Well and finally we found the time to sit down and read the rules, get into the game and play the first three scenarios. It is so cool when all the models are just ready for playing. No glueing, no fixing to a base, just gaming.

The cool thing about this game is that you play together. Four different playable Heroes fight side by side against hordes of demons. When we say "Hordes" we really mean it. We did not expect so many enemies summoned by the demon gates and it felt like playing Diablo II in real.

We needed around 20 Minutes to prepare everything for our first mission. Checking the rules, understand them and then we did the basic mission, which is still very easy.
The second one was much harder and really interesting to achieve the mission goals. A true challenge.

Roman was playing Tippi Takka. Well, the others picked their Characters first and I had to go with the monk. We all didn't know that he plays a very important role in the game as he is in the inkarnation of buddha and the one who is able to close the demon gates. Well, the demons are always trying to kill him and that makes protecting him not an easy task for the rest of the gang. Roman was pretty shy with going into close combat with Tippi Takka and when he did for the first time he failed totally by not hitting anything. Roman's famous luck'o'dice. Three zeros.

Well, the night got late and after we finished the second mission in success we decided to play the third one. Wow. We got really wasted by the demons as our tactic was a little too simple.

We can't wait to find the time again to play again as the game is really challenging. First the rules might look much, but it is really easy to understand as you play it.

Really a cool game!


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