Fehur, the Treeman - Peter´s Version

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey jungle!

today, I want to share my version of Roman´s beautiful Fehur with you.

It´s a very interesting bust and painting it was quite the challenge. Due to it´s unusual surface with almost no plain areas, I had to develop my usual way of painting. It´s a hard task if you want to create a "smooth blending" here, you are rather forced to work with the color in a very rough way. For me, it was a true eye opener and I have to discover this way a lot more :)

I can only recommend to give the bust a try and allow yourself to have fun with color (without any inner borders/rules/limitations)... you can check back with Mr. Lee's Minis booth this upcoming weekend to get your self a copy! Your Fehur-painting-journey awaits you!

Enjoy it:

Fehur, the Treeman
Mr Lee's Minis, 1/11


Review: Private Coaching with Nicolas

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
today it is time for another private coaching review.

This time Roman got visited by Nicolas from France for some happy painting teaching. Nicolas said something so beautiful when he showed up in the MV studio:

"I decided to come to you for private coaching as I want to become a happy painter first, before I will grow to a better painter!"

Roman & Nicolas

Nicolas visited the MV studio back in summe 2017.
It was quite hot in the MV studio and all paints on our wetpalettes had to be stored in the refrigerator due painting breaks.

Nicolas wanted to learn on how to paint more atmospheric influance in his figure projects and after some mails to clarify the topic and decide for a figure we meet up for tons of theory first.

Just a beatiful happening during the coaching ...

Nicolas decided for a figure with base and we started our atmospheric paintjob on the base as it plays a really important part when you want to create a strong atmosphere.

Nicolas, painting and focused.

The basework continues.

We are also taking care of the figure for the global overview and let everything grow together.

We painted on and on and put the theory lessons we had to the figure. It was really enjoyable to see Nicolas' project grow and his joy in painting rise. Additional to the steep learning curve we also enjoyed nice talks about life and more.

Thanks, Nicolas for
putting your trust in my teaching skills and your will to travel for this coaching.
It was my absolute pleasure!

Keep on happy painting. Nicolas!


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Feel free to contact me for your private coaching!
Right now I am fully booked with two day MV private coachings until the end of the end of February. All requests from now on will be planned from March on.

Tip of the week

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

today tip of the week is again about MV's challenge that ends this week.
It is more an information post on how this challenge ends this week and gives you all information you need to have a good feeling while taking partor when the challenge is over:

- Sent your entries in until October 19th 2017, Thursday (this week)
as soon as the calender hits the 20th on Roman's time (located in Augsburg, Germany) entries are not accepted. You will recieve a confirmation mail once your entry was checked. Please write your full name and adress to the email. We need this in case you will win a prize or are lucky concerning the random price pool raffle.

- Will I recieve a confimation mail as soon as I sent my email?
No. We do not have a monkey sitting in front of a screen and waiting for your mails to show up. Roman will regularly check his emails and as soon as several entries arrived and he finds time, he will check back with them and sents out confirmation mails. Please be patient on this. You might even find some confirmation mails going out on Friday. If your entry arrived in the given timeframe and we might encounter and issue with photos or such, we will inform you and it will still be valid, even when you recieve your confirmation mail on Friday.

- Can I show my photos of my final entry after October 19th?
Yes you are allowed to. Starting on October 20th everyone is allowed to show his final entry whereever he/she wants to, forums, blogs, galleries, facebook, events, etc.

- When can I expect to see the full gallery of entries?
As we are heading towards and back from the SMC over the upcoming weekend we ask a little patience. As we gave you time to finish your entries give us time to organise everything in the background. Estimated time table to show full galleries are the two weeks after the SMC. We have more information for you at this point. So stay tuned.

- When will MV announce the winners?
Well, as soon as we show the full gallery we already showing you all winners, as everybody who took part in the challenge is a on a big win. You took the challenge, succeeded and learned something new and fun. Of course we will announce the challenge winners and also the random prize pool winners, but this is happening after we showed the full gallery and took our time for proper judging work.
We keep you informed.

- When will MV sent out the prizes?
Well, step by step. Everything. We will keep you informed, but as Roman is handling these things on his own - beside everything else he has to do - it will take a moment or three. Easy. We tell you.

- How many entries have you recieved so far?
Today, Tuesday, 17th October, 09:12 (bavarian local time):

Waterbase Challenge: 12
Infinity Challenge: 18

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Nikola Tesla

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

recently I have finished a comission work for Infamy Games, a beautiful bust of Nikola Tesla.
This bust really has some challenges and the biggest one is the dynamic lightning situation going on. I made plenty of thoughts on how to tackle this and really enjoyed the result. Hope you like it too?

Nikola Tesla
Infamy Games, 1/12

If you want to see more photos of Nikola, check back with
or romanlappat.com.

I also made a photo of the bust in my hands for scale:

If you are interested, some of the progress can be seen on my Instagram profile.
I did quite a lot of photos to one day write an article about my painting steps and thoughts on this bust, but at the moment I have around 50+ articles that I could write without finding the time to write it :(

This bust is not for sale as it was a comission work for a box art, but if you want to check back with miniature project I got for sale, feel invited to check back with my PDF cataloge.Thank you for your support in my work, art and passion.

Keep on happy painting!

Soviet Sergeant Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey jungle,

some weeks ago I received a nice parcel from my friend Thomas,
who runs Stoessi´s Hereos.
You can already find a Miniatures Unpacked of these
cool historical wargame figures here in your jungle.

They create very nice characters for 28mm wargames with a WW II background. While having a nice chat on last SMC, I offered him to take one of the miniatures and put some more effort into the paintjob in order to inspire the gamers.

Today I present to you: Soviet Sergeant Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov

I was not too happy with the crooked position of the original sculpt and also thought to place him in another enviroment. At the same time I was eager to experiment with water effects after having read Josua´s great tutorial.

So, I decided to have Yakov and his team sneak through a small river and prepare a deadly ambush. I´m quite happy with the result and I hope, that the paintjob inspires some of the wargamers to invest a bit more time into their paintjobs. You can do it :-)

You´ll find more pictures on Putty&Paint.


Important Clarification

by Massive Voodoo

Here is a short clarification
of our post about competitions from yesterday.
First of all we do not say competitions are bad or should be removed and of course we do not want to harm any show. We love them all, visit them and participate at them. Go and take part in competitions. It's fun and exciting!

Maybe our post was too long and too personal.
We would love to see an open mind towards out-of-competition. Combine competition and exhibition. It is possible, happening here and there already in a very small scale and if it would grow bigger everyone would benefit from it. Competition is less crowded, exhibition can have its own place as an own category in the same area. Visitors can enjoy a competition and an exhibition at the same time.

Painters can decide on their personal preferences where to enter.
To compete or not to compete, but the decision would be open to everyone and if both happening in the same spot all projects can be looked upon with the same equality, no matter if they are made for competing or not. People have their own reasons to enter competitions and have their own reasons to not enter competitions. They might differ from person to person.

All of the shows nowadays are based on a competition (with very few exceptions). So if you want to show your work in real life and meet other artists, you basically grow into a competition scene wether you like it or not.

Imagine you have 10 figures,
only one should take part in the competition, but you want to show them all. Or you don't want to compete at all. You are forced to place your work inside a arena where it has to compete.

A dedicated area inside the show room for out-of-competion would be a simple solution. Nothing fancy but maybe with name signs. Or even project signs. Everyone had this moment during a show where you thought, awesome work but who made this?! Respect the artists and don't hide them in the crowd. Of course in our case we do not have a problem with paying our cuts of fee to enter the competition/exhibition and we will do as we would like to support the event.

Long story short:
Some more alternatives to exhibit instead of competing, would be great. We are NOT saying fckcompetitions, we are saying we wish for more variety to let everyone decide for himself.
Is this a bad wish?

Change can be good.
Open for discussion as we have the feeling that many people take us for devils or evil spirits now and this is absolutely not our intention :)


by Roman aka jar