Review: Private Coaching with Jörg

by Roman aka jar

let's reset with what happened to my joy of teaching.
Covid-19 is really something weird. Everything has its reason on how it is now and I do miss teaching my students, believe me.

Workshop News
I am eagerly working to teach again and I am slowly making progress on clearing situation with the venue. The school will allow me to rent rooms after the big summer vacations. From there on I can make plans again. Five weeks to go before in depth talks.

nonetheless I want to start reviewing classes and seminars that happened close to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Jörg visited me for a one day private coaching
very close before all lockdowns in Germany happened.

Our both results for one day together

Jörg wanted to learn more about how to use and paint OSL, Object Source Light properly.
I know Jörg since several years now as a friend and student. He has been to three private coachings before this one and took several weekend workshops with me. This is the best situation for a teacher and student alike. Both know eachother, one knows how the other learns, one knows how the other teaches.

And so I pushed Jörg through my OSL one day workshop with pure joy as I knew he will master the knowledge and application afterwards ...

Instructor: Roman Lappat

Duration: one day

I usually do not teach masterclass seminars, but when I do these seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. This Object Source Light (OSL) Masterclass
all about light sources from objects and about the "how to" place them and the "why" behind it. After this seminar you can transport these into your projects easily.

Main topics:
- Understand the principles of OSL
- Learn how to include them on different materials
- Learn about different time slots when to include these effects in your projects

Student level: All

Early in the morning when my students achieved their first OSL studies. I call them "basic knowledge" to understand the theory behind it, before we go deeper in how to apply advanced knowledge.

Jörg's first approach to understand just the OSL from a sourc and how to work your way to it!

First lesson with the second one: How to include it in a scheme!

Jörg left me as a happy student and made me proud as a teacher once again ...

Even Covid-19 was hanging in the air earlier this year and our talks were about concerns on the actual situation I was really happy to see Jörg again and paint with him ...

Always my pleasure my friend!
Keep on hapyp painting!


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