News: MV Challenge 2020 Updates!

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,
we got some updates for you on the actual MV Challenge 2020!
Find all about the challenge behing the upper link!

First of all, numbers ar growing:
Entry Counter:
last updated: August 6th 2020

updates on sponsors and prizes.


brings you two full diorama sets in 75mm of "Dziady", plus a Dragon head to each set.
These two new positions are now added to the random prize pool.

The Gold Medal Winner will recieve an additional sand art painting created by Manuel:
The Fan Award Winner will recieve one of these pictures by Manuel too
and one of Roman's limited Artprints:

Stay tuned and keep on happy painting!
It is amazing thus far to see tiny astronauts travel beyong your imagination!

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.


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