Champion of Khorne

by Roman aka jar

Really enjoyed painting this bust by Hera Models.
Unfortanetely it was a limited run and I know people who are having a hard time to get their hands on one copy.

It is a brutal sculpt.
So many heads and arms and hands and bones and skulls and heads. While I was painting a Lucas Pina witch I thought to see owls pop up everywhere. It is the same with this sculpt, but with brutality. It was not easy painting him. Sometimes you just ask yourself: Why? Why so brutal? Then you continue to paint it and just hear yourself say "Chaos!" "Chaos!" all the time :D

I did some photos for a SBS, but did not find the time to write it yet for MV's readers. Here are some photos of the process:

To see more photos of the finished vision I got for this brutal bust, check back with Putty&Paint or

The bust itself is already in private collection.
Thank you for your support in my passion, art and work, Sir!


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