FIN: Moran

by David

Hey all,

David's back again with another look back to an older project I finished a long time ago and only ever hit the blog in my introduction post. However, I decided I needed to show it here for two reasons. First, my jungle brother Roman took a few nice new pics during the Massive Voodoo family's recent stay at the studio (read all about that wonderful weekend in this blogpost).

Second, this is one of my dearest and most important projects. I started it during Roman's Advanced Class in early 2016 (YES, it's been that long...). The workshop's goal was to learn how to paint atmosphere, and I wanted to challenge myself and aimed to portray the original dwarf maiden as a "Massai" warrioress called Moran (the Massai word for warrior). The conversion included making her a new weapon, cutting her mohawk, and - of course - creating the typical Massai necklace.

After the workshop, as is usual for me, I did not immediately finish her, but put her into my cabinet. However, I still very much liked her and decided I would take her out again, start all over and prepare her for the Herzog von Bayern competition 2017. And that's what I did.

As I said, Moran has a special place in my heart as not only did I learn so much from her, and not only was it pure pleasure to paint and convert her - it was also the first time that I participated in the "masters" category in a competition. And because it is so special to me, I gave it to my jungle brother Roman, as a little "thank you" for the many years and moments of inspiration, learning and painting joy! It makes me proud to know that Moran has a special place in your cabinet!

Thanks for your interest, talk to you soon. Best,


p.s.: the project (with the old pics) is also on Putty & Paint if you feel like voting :-)


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