FIN: Ataraxia

by David

Hey all,

it's David once again with a glimpse into the past... and a look at a project I finished some time ago. Today, I want to show you a little vignette that I created for a good friend of mine who is a retired teacher of Latin, History and Classics. It depicts his favorite Greek philosopher, Epicurus of Samos, who proposed the beautiful idea of striving for a good and fulfilled yet simple life. Ataraxia is a core term of this philosophy, describing a state of mind of tranquility, peace and freedom from what today we would call stress.
The little vignette imagines Epicurus standing in his garden, enjoying the rays of the beautiful Mediterranean sun and being in a blissful state of Ataraxia.
I am super happy to say that my friend really liked the miniature and that it has found its place in a beautiful spot of honor in my friend's house. Thanks for your interest. Talk to you soon! Best,


p.s.: The project is on Putty & Paint, if you feel like leaving a vote.


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