Announcement: A MASSIVE VOODOO Orctober Challenge!

by David

Hey all,

it's that time of the year, again!
In the Massive Voodoo jungle lands the days are getting shorter, leaves are starting to change their color, and Fall is coming. And in its wake: Orctober!

This year, the Massive Voodoo team will join in on the madness, and the Jungle will rumble with orcish savagery and barbarism!

What it means

The MV Orctober is a little painting challenge among the MV team.
The "Rules" are few and simple - just right for an Orc to grasp:

  1. Create one (or more) Orc-themed projects!
  2. Do so until 31 October 2022! The challenge ends on this date.
  3.  We will inform  the winners and our results via an upcoming YouTube video!
  4. We will find our winners only on Instagram with the hashtag #mvorctober
  5. With participating you allow us to use the photo of your winning entry

Become a part of #MVOrctober!

We will post our final results right here on the blog in early November,
but look out for WIPs with the #MVOrctober used via Instagram and will pick 8 favourites.

Each one of us participating in the #MVOrctober will pick his favourite and they will be presented in this format.

Each of these 'winnners' will recieve an Artprint of Roman's Orc illustration:

The MV 2022 Orctober Projects


Andy's contribution will be this awesome Orc-fella on a bike from ForgeWorld. He was long lost in the pile of opportunities but found his way back to the table.

Pic source:


Daniele is busy with sculpting super-exciting new stuff, so he will skip this year's Orctober madness.


Hansrainer will paint up a full Snotling Blitz Bowl Team (even it says Blood Bowl on the box):


Johannes is also game - knows nothing about Orcs, therefor decided for one on a dinosaur!


Josua also has a little surprise for us in the works!


Kilian is on board with his interpretation of GW's Swampcalla Shaman from the Kruleboyz range:


Philip is in full swing (pun not intended) preparing a full-frontal-nudity painting class (of course, all highly classy and tasteful, mind you!) for his very own, newly opened art school!

Check out his Freihand Atelier of Fine Art! So, this year, he'll miss out on the Orctober action.


Roman joins the Orc-train with a conversion from Blood Bowl, creating an lonesome Orc Warrior that brawls the streets of Mordheim.


Sebastian will participate with this friendly, well-armed fellow from Mezgike:


David will create a little scene centered on this wonderfully athletic Orc-lady from Artisan Guild - printed, of course, in his favorite scale: 1/72!

Pic source:

We want you for the MV Orctober!

How about you? Will you join in on the orcish goodness? Let us know what Orc-related project you are going to paint in the comments, and spread the word through your Social Media using the hashtag #MVorctober

We're super-excited about this.
Talk to you soon,

your MV Team


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