SBS: Edward - The BloodThief Gnome

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

SBS: Edward, The BloodThief Gnome

Good morning artists!!

I am writing you a short tutorial on how I sculpted this mega bat.

I apologize if I have not written in recent months, but fortunately, I have a lot of work and I have very little time to write blog articles

You'are about to read is a step by step of a personal project :-)

Indeed a very different project, compared to my previous work.

The sculpture and the step by step of a very particular piece: a Gnome Bloodthief.

It's a very complicated sculpture that took me a lot of time, but it's worth discover the work in progress because I'm sure it will be helpful to many aspiring sculptors and painters :-) :-)

Usually, when I  sculpt something from a concept, I print it in real size, just to have a real time feedback while sculpting.

Reference for sculpting

Always before put my hand in work I'm going on Internet finding some useful references.

The Idea

This concept was an idea by me and was drawn by a talented artist and friend  

I create some balls of Super Sculpey Original (very soft clay) and linked with some solid metal wire.

I created a basic cylinder of clay and baked it, just to have a real size piece of stand for the bat.

To smooth before turpentine I use a Loop tool made by myself.
I used a little hacksaw.
I heated the blade with a lighter then I bent the blade and I placed it on old brush with some Milliput.
It is very useful because the blade has small teeth, which are perfect for sanding the surface

I polished with some turpentine (but this is just a trantum mine :-)  Lol )

As a joke I created something similar final texture (but this isn't the definitive piece, of course) I need it just to have a reference for sculpting the bat.

Ok, I' just joking. After that I decided to change the column because it seemed too detailed and not very balanced with all the composition, so I decided to remove and do it again

I started posing the mega bat.
Initially I used pieces of wire which allowed me to keep the sculpture stable.

I started placing the first masses.

The column was then replaced with a less detailed one.

Too many details are not good.

The piece was already full of very complex elements, increasing the number of details would have weighed down the composition and made the sculpture too "loaded"

To attach the bat to the column, I made small holes with the Dremel and used glue to hold the bat firmly.

The rear wire has always remained attached to a wooden base throughout the sculpting process.
It was then cut after the more than 25 times baking I performed.

Wire is used to maintain the sculpture stable and firm

I sculpted the little gnome separately, baked, then put on the bat

just imagine the amount of time to sculpt all this :-) LOL

Final Result

I am particularly happy with the final result.
It took about 18 months of work, but not continuously working on it

 Limited Edition 

Edward The BloodThief Gnome

designed and sculpted 
by Daniele "Found" Trovato

Check availability here


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