MV Challenge 2020: Second Cut!

by Roman aka jar

Aloa everyone!

Thank you all for your patience on the second cut votes.
You can not believe the hard task you put on us judges in doing judging work on this great gallery. It is really though work, but we pushed forward.

Second cut entries are now live in the gallery:

This is how we worked, second cut:
We discussed our judging criteria and started to give points to the strongest entries. Every judge had one point on each entry. Every entry with more than 5 out of 8 votes continues (We are 8 Judges). Now all of these entries who made first cut were strong , but now the idea and exection, the atmosphere, the storytelling come in play. Not only technical aspects.

10 entries made second cut and are running for one of the three medals!

We will have these results ready for you in the new year as we will meet up for an online meeting to discuss everything and also Roman is moving flats as we speak, so things are quite busy!


If you are one of the winners of the Random Prize Pool and did not yet contact Roman with your postal adress, please do so (Postcards will be sent in the new year as they were already moved to the new flat):

3. Random Prize Pool Winners:

3x Sets of Roman Lappat Miniature Art Postcards A
- will be shipped after Roman's move

Rayiskum (adress recieved)
Zoe Birrel (adress recieved)
Alex York

3x Sets of Roman Lappat Miniature Postcards B

- will be shipped after Roman's move
Charlene Jägli
Helge Wilhelm Dahl (adress recieved)
Jason Carter (adress recieved)

Limited Model From Michael Kontraros Collectibles
Alexander Triebeneck - confirmed, shipped

The League "Water"
Josef Skladanka  - confirmed, shipped

Bograth the Hunter, Journeyman Miniatures
Lea Kraus - confirmed, shipped

Mr Lee's Surprise
Nathanel Shaw - - confirmed, shipped

Nordly's Miniatures, one figure of choice
Tanja Zent - - confirmed, shipped

The Last Ronin
Andrea Merlini - confirmed, shipped

Kensho Miniatures; Skylar bust
Kathy Millat

Abyssoul Faenir
Lea Salomon

Rackham Dwarfs
Michael Reckhaus - confirmed, shipped

Boy on Waterbuffalo, Miniwarpaint
Philip Leadbitter - confirmed, shipped

Diorama and Dragon bust, Orzol Studio
Wilhelm Tell - confirmed, shipped

Diorama and Dragon bust, Orzol Studio
Tiago Thedim Dias - confirmed, shipped

Duchess from Miniac
Serena Caruso - confirmed, shipped

Duchess from Miniac
Mikael Borg - confirmed, shipped

Encyclopedia of figures" #02
Adam Davis - confirmed, shipped

Inquisitor Eisenhorn, Games Workshop
David Anglade - confirmed, shipped

1/6 Manga Kit
David Garcia - confirmed, shipped

If you find yourself as a winner of these, please contact Roman via
and sent your actual postal adress.

We will ship all prizes in the new year.


If you want to support us with coffee, tea, tissues for tears, chocolate or boxing gloves please know that all donations to the jungle will not change our judging decisions.

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.



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