SBS Sculpting: The Genie of The Lamp

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

SBS: The Genie of The Lamp

Hello mates, 

I'm introducing here about my new project.

I always wanted to sculpt something in Aladdin's world related so I decided to sculpt a Genie with his little Aladdin, obviously in my personal interpretation.

The Idea

The first thing I usually do when start to sculpt something is thinking the form, the concept, the idea behind the sculpture.

At this stage the main important think is the speed. The more speed you create a sketch the more you can express your idea.
Our minds are fast, so we have to use this skill.

I sculpted this idea in exactly 2 minutes using a Medium Plasticine Chavant NSP.

The main idea was to sculpt a Genie riding a magic carpet while are flying and a little child on his back.
That's all.

The fast sketch with plasticine

The Genie

To sculpt the Genie, I sculted the body using the Super Sculpey Original and some soft aluminium wire to create the arms.

After this simple stage, I covered the body with some Beesputty+FIMO in a 50-50 percent.

Sometimes I use some ciano-glue to better stick to the previous Super Sculpey Original already baked.

First stage of sculpting the genie

Joking with expressions, and so on

Joking with facial expression and muscle structure.

Nothing is definitive in this stage, just attempts and failure. As always.

mmmm I don't like it, yet

Meanwhile I sculpted the back, without cover it with any shirt or something similar. If something about muscle structure and proportions isn't correct, cover with shirts doesn't solve the problem.

Firstly, you have to sculpt the body correctly, then you can cover the body.

I try try try try, until I obtain what I want

Sometimes I smooth the surface with White Spirit just to clarify all.

Smooth sometimes helps you to understand forms
For the hands, I sometimes use wire inside the fresh clay


Remember : you don't need to be perfect. Fight for persistence, not perfection

The Magic Carpet

To sculpt the magic carpet I assumed I needed of a hard support that allows me to sculpt the form properly.

To obtain that, I created temporary armature and then created the carpet with Magic Sculpt, baking paper, and baby talc.

Two balls of Magic Sculpt

Using a rolling tool, and some talc I created a thin layer, not too much thin.

This is the temporary support needed to maintain the form of the magic sculpt

once hardened 

This is not complete, obviously. I need to carve and sand, in order to obtain the form I need.

The little Aladdin

I created a simple armature with some copper wire, which allows me to cut easily in order to create the mold in a simpler way.

1) cross the wire

2) Define the lenght

My armature ready to receive some fresh clay :-)

 Limited Edition bust

The Genie of The Lamp

designed and sculpted 

Super Sculpey Original
FIMO Classic + Beesputty + QuickMix

I'f you'd interested to this bust please subscribe here


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