WIP: MV Killteams #01 - Josua, Johannes and Roman

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

inspired by the call of Volomir to raise a #Killteam2020 with 100 points some MV Team Members are following it. Josua, Johannes and Roman are fully into that Warhammer 40k vibe and do start their Kill Teams with 100 Points or more to create a playable force. Gaming boards are in the making. Here are their WIP logbooks, this is #01 ...

A really helpful and inspiring article to plan and execut a themend army is also the one of Johannes:

Johannes - Work in Progress #01
Craftworlds - Asuryani Force

Well, I always loved Eldar.
I mostly played Warhammer 40k in my youth and stopped many years ago. But even without the intent to play, I started to collect an Eldar ( or now "Craftworlds") army bit by bit in the last years only because I just love the models. 

So when Roman's idea to start a Kill Team inspired me to also jump into the Kill-Team hype, it could only be Asuryani for me.

But I tackled it a bit differently: I have not set up a single Kill Team roster yet. Instead I put together a Variety of Models to choose from when setting up my first Kill Teams.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

And as a second step I airbrushed the main colour on each model:

While assembling I really fell in love with the new Howling Banshee models, so it went without saying, that I had to paint the Banshee exarch first.

Next step for me is painting the guardians, but more on that in part 2.  



Josua - Work in Progress #01
Space Wolves Tactical Strike Force

Since I talked to Roman about the Killteam he was building I was totally hooked on the idea. A Killteam gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy all aspects of creating characters in the 40K universe without building an army of to many figures. I started an warband or killteam a few times in the past already and they always faded away after the first figure. This time I took things pretty seriously and started by reading the rules and building a Team in the comand roster first.

After I got myself covered up with Space wolves bits from a local player who collects space wolves since 7 years now I started my first Intercessor Marine. I tried to come up with a fairly quick and easy way to paint him and I have to say I am really pleased how he turned out. He still needs some deatials here and there, but he is mostly done. 

 On the base I probably spend almost as much time as on the figure itself... What should I say to defend myself you most certainly know I am quite serious when it comes to bases.


After a week a support package by Roman turned up stuffed to the brim with even more space marine bitz to continuing my killteam. I swiftly started with my Eliminator Sniper. The way this figure is built makes it rather difficult to let him look like a spacewolve. After some thinking I had a crazy idea and just cut up a wolfe from the Rippa’s Snarlfangs warband and added it as a really cool hood to the head.

He soon will receive even more color and a proper base. I leave you for now with a teaser photo of the next member which resembles a scout. Scouts in spacewolve armys are mostly veterans that switch they're powerarmor for a light scout armor as much as I understand with my very small lore knowledge my goal is to clearly show that with my conversion. See you soon!



Roman - Work in Progress #01
Dark Angel Tactical Strike Force
"Wing of Vengeance"

I decided to play Dark Angels Space Marines. Why?
Well, I used to have an army of those guys way back in time and always liked their background story as the first legion. Their sad story, their story of vengeance and their brother's betrayal that put them into this mysterious position they are in. Also I do like their organisation in wings and their color scheme. A perfect match for me ...

I plan to do several conversions. As I do not have many models to work on I really want to take my time to convert, kitbash and paint until I am happy with every miniature and character I creat.

I got myself some stuff, some also lucky via ebay ..

The Warhammer Community's Kill Team Command Roster was a great help to setup the basic formation of the Team:

I started building, building the gang and really enjoyed kitbashing around and picking certain bits on ebay for this task ...

I realized quickly that I had to wait a day or two when I was done and found myself often in front of my cabinet, looking at the gang, picking out what I still do not like and changing that until I was fully happy ...

This is the gang, fully happy me ...

When it comes to the painting I decided to work on the armour with a basic stock on Citadel paints to get the colors of the armour homogenous in the full squad ...

I did the first run on my Sergeant Brother Isaillius', Dark Angel Primaris Sergeant, Leader of the DA Tactical Strike Force Killteam 'Wing of Vengeance'. A stubborn warrior who pushes his brothers to heroic actions during the heat of combat. He does not speak much, if he does he mostly calmly speaks his battle prayers.

Painted him first as I really liked the conversion based on a Primaris Apothecary.

 I also decided to keep my bases simple: Dark black/grey ruins compared with a desert look and orange pigments ... easy to execute, strong contrast and also the way I want to paint the gaming board.

Really happy on how he turned out. Keeping it somewhat simpler from effort and time invested compared to a full display piece, but this is the plan. Using transfer sheets in the process and including them with battle damage was also a nice touch ...



Read more about our #killteam2020s, next week!


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