Wargaming SBS: Building a unique Killteam Gaming Board - part 1

by Roman aka jar

Building unique a Killteam Gaming Board
- part 1

Aloa Jungle,

Unfortanetely I ran out of tiny astronauts and wait for the restock on Mr Lee's Minis, like many others I heard. Inspired by an initiative by Volomir called #killteam2020 and Johannes great article on Army Painting Organisation and Motivation I got myself into Games Workshop's Killteam boardgame. And yes, I am going to play through autumn and winter, together with my Studio mate and MV brother Johannes, hopefully with more friends for a small campaign. Josua is already working on his Team and a friend of Johannes. This will be epic.

Together with the #new40k core book I really got that 40k vibe and enjoy it a lot.
Working on my 100 point Killteam of Dark Angels Primaris Marines at the moment and it looks good that I finish Volomir's challenge in time. Will do a seperat post about this sooner or later.

One thing that would be missing for our games is a gaming table, and Kill Team boards are not that big anyway. I decided to build one for the studio and well, me again ...

This article is about a full work in progress gaming board and insane use of superglue.
You have been warned.

Enjoy part 1!

I see the 40k Universe as a grimdark place.
A place of forgotten and lost planets, a place where all kind of expansive forces fight ... yeah we all know this, right!

My plan is to build a gaming board that tells a story of a long gone battle. A gaming board many gamers would maybe call stupid as everything is glued in place and you will not have many options to move terrain for different games. A big diorama you can say.

let's start somewher to explain this process:

I got myself some Kill Team boxes via ebay or elsewhere and checked the studio for unused stuff, like, well a Land Raider :D

I decided to use the board from the game as direct build up area ... made it a bit sturdy with wooden bars, that also set the frame for a higher levelled building, full gorilla style ... planned stuff here and thre as proxy, but already included the Land Raider. I do not game, but when I do :)

In the end I can not tell you how often I glued something to rip it off again in the next couple days. It is a creative process flow of a Gorilla and I just let everything happen ...

Loved the light the studio threw on my work in progress gaming board ...

Included a destroyed drop pod, well, yeah ...

Added more concepts and ideas and in the meantime getting some building stuff from the bay to build up this small part of a destroyed city ...

Love these slate plates with wire by Juweela ...

If you were an appron while breaking them you can use the small rubble and drops of superglue to throw them anywhere and make it looks realistic with small levels of detail.


Several things occoured, of course. If you glue many things to a cardbox board they are getting heavy. I got myself a wooden board and glued it under it to make it more sturdy. Felt really professional and like a monkey who encountered fire. You know, I am usually not a gamer and ... :D

While adding details like this ...
(I love details) I ran into the situation that superglue ran out and I had quite the stock, wtf?

Working them out until the last drops ...

Thanks to Battlefield-Berlin for superfast delivery and support to solve this issue rather quick.
These guys just rock! https://shop.battlefield-berlin.de/

Time to roll again ...
I really enjoy these impressions the board gives ...

These tools really help me a lot ...
I created a new spot for them, outside of the studio so I can still breathe inside :)

And enjoying the sun set again ...

I decided to remove the Drop pod again as I was unhappy with that area. I added some more height and drama with some Necromunda Building bits.

Recieved this cool mortar by mortiantank

... anmd will include it as a damaged piece somewhere ...

... just like I did with that Predator ...

I love to add details, like statues for example ... intense ambience ...

More Impressions in this stage ...

At this point I want to thank everyone who is selling 40k or Necromunda Bitz via ebay. This helps so much to fullfill ideas! Thanks!!

I am slowly closing in finishing area by area with detail work ...

Needed more statues there!

I am really enjoying the days in the studio these days. Working on comissions, my Killteams, Astronaut plans without Astronauts and this gaming board. Of course I did not build this in one hour. It is a process of weeks and I work on it when I am in the mood ... it's pure fun playing project ping pong:

Did I tell you about the area of 2k resin yet that I will do?

More about this in part 2!

Part 3 will be the painting process with the biggest brush you have ever seen!

Keep on happy painting!

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