MU 86 - Meinolf, the Last Captain, Ayora Studio

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle people, 

today it is time for another review on MV. 

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This is review #86, but it will not be about the nicely wraped parcel, we announced in the last MUs, as Roman is presently taking vacation time from the blog until end of August. 

Today we will have a look on Meinolf, the Last Captain, sculpted by Jorge Ayora (Ayora Studio). 

Some day ago, Peter received a nice little parcel from Spain...

Inside he found a small plastic bag from Ayora Studio with a nice message from Jorge. Peter preordered the miniature in May as the miniature reminded him of the Empire Soldier Markus Kruber from the videogame "Vermintide". Raffa, Roman and Peter were playing the game in spring while waiting on Total War: Warhammer and enjoyed some nice hours with smacking Skaven into pieces... 

Some data about the miniature:
  • sculptor: Oriol Quin
  • scale: 54mm
  • material: resin
  • parts: 6
    • head
    • torso
    • base
    • arm + shield
    • arm + sword
    • scabbard
  • price: 21,90 EUR + shipping
  • copies available: 75

The first look at the parts reveal a very good quality in sculpting and casting. There are only a few places where you have to remove small remains of resin. Especially the body is highly detailed and very interesting due to it´s simplicity. If you are interested in painting metallics and create a nice contrast with fabric texture, we can highly recommend to give this miniature a try.

Both arms with the armaments follow the high quality of the body. Almost all remains of resin are found on the sword and the shield. As you can see, it´s not a big deal to remove them. But here some advice.

The shield offers a nice area for freehands as it´s without any decorations. As you can see on the pictures below, we found a little hole in the shield. This is not very surprising as the resin is very thin in this area. Either you can fill it up with Miliput or - as Peter will do - use it for an arrow, which has hit the shield.

The most important part of a miniature is its face. Our captain looks very determined. As the face is not covered by a helmet you will have a lot of fun while painting it!

Assembling the miniature is very easy. The parts fit perfectly and with a small amount of superglue you will be ready for priming in about 20 minutes. Here a look from four different angles at the assembled Meinolf (without cleaning or the scabbard as he will move back into Peter´s shelf for a moment).

If you want to get your own copy of Meinolf, the Last Captain, have look at the shop of Ayora Studio. Peter is very happy with his copy and eager to paint it. But at first he has some other stuff which cries for being finished. But he has already prepared his collection of inspirational pictures on Pinterst.

Your MV-Team


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