Mu 85 - Mr Lee's Minis - The Hermit

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle readers,

today it is time for another review on MV. 
This is review #85
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Today Peter will look closer on a bust called "The Hermit".
The Hermit we are looking at is by Mr Lee's Minis and distributed directly via mrleesminis[at] and soon via BrokenToad.

Some details:
  • sculptor: Olivier Bouchet
  • parts: 6
  • height: 70mm (90mm with the coat)
  • price: 25,00 GBP

The Hermit arrived in a small box and it was quite surprising to find so many big parts in it. Interesting point: if you want to put the parts back into the box, make sure to first remember their right positions. It will help a lot :-)

Let´s see what we find inside:

The kit consists of six parts:
  • 1 head
  • 2 horns
  • 1 body
  • 1 arm
  • 1 medallion (--> chain between middle and ring finger)

Let´s have closer look:


The head is very detailed and has some kind of evil/crazy/amused looking face. The small beard and the third eye on the forehead are supporting the devilish appearance of the Hermit. With some colors you should be able to create an interesting focal point.


The body is quite simple. Not too much details, which makes it very comfortable for beginners to paint the bust, but still leaves a lot of space for freehands if you are an advanced painter. As you can see on the pictures, the casting quality is nice and there are only a few mold lines which you should remove before assembling the parts.

The arm is the third large part in the kit and it has some cool small details: a chain wandering around the hand, well-sculpted fingers and tiny lines of the hand. There could have been more details on the bracer, but this is only a minor point of critic.

After assembling (I forgot the medallion, which is the be placed between middle and ring finger), the bust shows its unique potential: an unnatural, skinny half-demon, which keeps a lot of secrets for himself, but is still looking for more of them. The only point which left some questions is the right position of the arm, but this leaves space for interpretations and new possibilites :-)

The Hermit bust is a nice bust for beginners and advanced painters. The cast is good and the parts fit quite nice, but you will have to use Miliput in some places to cover appearing gaps: Filling gaps with Miliput.

The sculpt is not too complicated and has a lot of open areas, which are perfect for painting different materials or skincolor variations, but also for practicing freehands. Due to its unnatural character there are no limits for the choice of colors.

Summarized: nicely done!


PS: Next review will now definatly start with a gift wrap. 
Stay tuned!


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