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by Roman aka jar

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Yes you can!
You can support the jungle and the jungle supports you!

You can now place your advertisement here on MASSIVE VOODOO! 

We feature:
- Daily Updates about Happy Painting
- around 1500 subscribers to the blog, steadily growing
- around 4000~6000 page impressions to the mainsite daily, around 2000 daily visitors to the article section - all interested in our Hobby from all over the globe.
- Huge amount of content with one of the best Article/Tutorial sections related to the hobby in the web.

Banner Advertisement?
We accept banners for all subjects that are related to our hobby.
For example we accept stores, manufacturers, material, forums, homepages etc. 
that are related to the Miniature Hobby.

We reserve the right to reject advertisements that don't fit to these subjects
or may harm or risk our readers, for example adult material.

How can I place my ad in the jungle and what does it cost me?
If you are intrested in placing your advertisement on Massive Voodoo write an email to
jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com to get provided with all the information needed.

Please contact me for a quote and further information.


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