Workshop Reviews - Sculpting classes

by Roman aka jar

Picster's Conversion and Sculpting class

The goal of the class is to introduce new people into the joy of sculpting, increasing everyone's self-confidence when it comes to working with clay and putty. Conversion and Sculpting.


Mati's Sculpting class
- at the moment no new classes are planned

This workshop is for beginners and offers them the possibility to get an inside view into sculpting a complete miniature out of super sculpey firm. Several important topics are covered in the theoretical part. Every participant sculpts his own mini following basic instructions and an exclusive concept for every workshop. Not only beginners can learn something on the workshop, experienced sculptors will also learn something as this is just "my" way to work and we all work different, there is always something to learn after all. Specially sculptors who are used to work with 2 component puttys will enjoy the different way of sculpting in super sculpey.


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