FIN: Bu, the Goblin - Red Box Games, 28mm

by David

Hey all,

this is David, and today it is my great pleasure to share with you some pics of my most recently finished miniature: Bu, the Goblin. The mini is a wonderful little sculpt by Tre Manor (Red Box Games) - and it has been the first 28mm mini I have painted for some time...

The project was a quick and fun paint-job, which I painted as a present for a good friend's son. In terms of the color scheme, I definitely knew that I wanted something else than the standard "green-skin" goblin. So, I went with a nice, warm ochre-base tone. The base was an easy affair, as well: just a gaming base, some cork, a little Milliput and a couple of grass tufts.

BTW, if you're wondering: the name "Bu" is a little hommage to a RPG character I played a long while back. :-) I am looking forward to painting another Red Box goblin some time soon! As always, feel free to drop me a line or two in the comments section, below, or through my email at

david [at] massivevoodoo [dot] com

All the best, talk to you soon!



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