Announcement: The 2023 Massive Voodoo ORCtober

by David

Hey all,

it's that time of the year, again! Summer is gone and Fall is starting to paint the leaves with its reddish-golden color scheme - and the Massive Voodoo jungle is diving heads-first into ORCtober!

And, boy, do we have a special treat for you this year!

To celebrate her adoption by the pack, our newest Massive Voodoo family member Momo has sculpted a special, exclusive ORCtober figure. We don't want to spoiler too much just yet, but here's a little teaser pic:

We want YOU for MV ORCtober

Of course, there can't be a Massive Voodoo ORCtober without a little community challenge. We will not say too much at this point, keeping the suspense up for juuuust a little bit longer... But on ORCtober 1st, 2023 we will let the cat out of the bag and unveil Momo's special, exclusive ORCtober figure - and tell you how YOU can join in the madness.

So, make sure to make time for some miniature painting over the next few weeks, and stay tuned for the next update on the 2023 Massive Voodoo ORCtober! And of course, feel free to spread the word and stoke the hype through your social media, using the hashtag #MVorctober.

The Massive Voodoo team


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