REVIEW: Private Coaching with Pavel, Honza and Jindra

by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle,

some weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure to welcome three painting friends from Czech Republic for a two day private coaching in english language.

Pavel, Honza and Jindrich came to study my "Frazetta-styled" Painting Workshop.
Thank you, gentelmen for making the trip and for the cool two days spent together.
It was an absolute pleasure to teach you and help you on your miniature painting journey.

"Early this week I travelled, with 2 great friends, to meet the one and only @romanlappat.miniatureart and attend his training of Frazetta style on miniatures. Oh, what an experience! Really enjoyed and can't recommend enough.

The miniature is unfinished and I will spend some more time on it later, anyway it is definitely a step out of my comfort zone and into a new world. What you can see painted on the miniature was achieved in a single day, which was second day of the training."

- Honza


Fully booked with Private Coaching lessons until June 2023.
If you are interested in your private coaching for a later date: I setup a list of interested people and will contact these first - in the order of the list - when new dates get availaible.

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