REVIEW: Private Coaching with Rowena

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

catching up with many private coaching reviews from 2022.
Man, time flies and I am defenetely not getting quicker.

In December of 2022 I was coaching Rowena aka on how to understand strong atmospheric painting. Including advanced color theory, vision planning, plus how to use all of it in a joyful workflow. We tackled a project of Rowena that she had in mind since a long time, but did not really find a way into it.

Thank you for the supercool two days, Rowena.
The good talks, the fine new music I got to know and the wild colorful ride!

This is what Rowena says about her coaching with me:

"I'm sitting on the train home and enjoying yesterday's apple pie (*/▽\*) while my thoughts revolve around the last few days. I don't even know where to start!

I can only send you a very big thank you for two days that felt like a short vacation for me!

I had a lot of fun pursuing this colorful hobby with you in the studio and being able to access your incredible wealth of experience (and your collection of materials)! The time flew by and I never felt stressed or stuck! What a luxury (≧▽≦)

But I admit, I'm pretty exhausted now, too.
Nevertheless, I will hopefully be able to continue painting on my now-no-longer-pink little pig in a timely manner. I'm incredibly happy with everything we've accomplished so far! Above all, I'm really happy that we were able to implement my vision of the base and its overall dynamics so well! She looks so great in your photos! I can hardly believe that we achieved all of this in two days and that it can be so brightly colored without looking totally chaotic but still harmonious! And I already have some ideas on how to proceed with other projects!"

- Rowena

"I had the awesome opportunity to visit @romanlappat.miniatureart for a private coaching and this is the result of two days intense lecturing and painting.

I started this model over a year ago and got totally lost on how to translate my vision of a fun dynamic scene set between virtual and real reality. So I had two questions for Roman for this coaching:

1) how can I paint a bright color scheme and still make it look coherent?

2) how can I translate my basing idea into reality?

Well, I think the results so far speak for themselves and show that Roman is a fantastic teacher and helped me in every aspect with this cutie!
The time was not enough to finish her, but we discussed all the next work steps as well and I cannot wait to continue working on her!"

- Rowena

Keep on happy painting, Rowena!
Best Wishes,


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