REVIEW: Private Coaching with Kyle

by Roman aka jar

 Hi Jungle,

catching up with many private coaching reviews from 2022.
Man, time flies and I am not getting faster (younger) :D

After the Monte San Savino Show 2022, Kyle from Canada was heading to Augsburg and dropping in the studio for a two day private coaching. As I know him online since a while, got to meet him in person in Italy for the show it was really nice to get to know him even more during these two days.

Kyle and I tackled a very interesting topic:

- Roman's (my) understanding of the color green
- Light dabbling in a forest/jungle

This is what Kyle said:

"So what is Coaching with Roman Lappat?  It is being welcomed into a nicely equipped studio and told to feel at home.  But more importantly it is to be taken under the wing of an extremely experienced and calming individual who wants nothing more than to see you thrive under his tutelage.  

Roman’s studio is amazing, the art on the walls (including an original Patricia Sancho), his art, funny posters, student artwork/personal collection.  It's a kind of mecca and a reflection of the holder of the studio.  Eclectic taste, but it is all amazing. 

For Roman I had a very specific plan, to learn the secrets to his greens, and if he was up for it and thought we had time, to study dapple light.  He thought this was fitting, so off we went.  

Roman’s lesson plan is incredibly structured.  this leads to a smooth explanation and no need for backtracking.  He even has a good set of exercises to test the student. He will place your level and adjust from there to see where he needs to build to take you where you are going. This is the level of structure that I, as a professional, would come to expect when I engage someone for professional level services. There’s also some weights if ever just need to blow off some steam, you can go pump some iron.  A nice touch.

Sure the world kind of fell apart when we started to really consider dapple, but that was expected. It was great to work through the issue with another painter, opposed to alone.  It felt a bit like we both needed that to see it through at that point as there were definitely some doubts in the room.  We got through it, and out the other side with smiles.  

At the end of the day, I did learn the greens of Roman Lappat, and have a very good dapple sketch to finish. I left with a very good feeling. Momo even joined us to paint on day two and it was nice to meet her. I was happy to leave a small piece of myself in the studio, as a piece of that place will remain in my mind for some time. To see Roman’s works in the flesh and good light, to study and dissect them. "

- Kyle

Thank you for the nice two days spent, Kyle!
Keep on happy painting!


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