Review: Private Coaching with Mark

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

another private coaching review dropping in.
Really need to catch up with many. I spent much more time in the studio with painting and teaching compared to the time I sit in front of the computer, which is good and healthy.

Mark visited me from the UK for his two day coaching and we shared two beautiful days together with a steep learning curve and great chats. Thank you, Mark and Family :)

This is what Mark says:

"While having a family trip to Augsburg I managed to get a 2 day private tuition with Roman Lappat.

This was a marvellous opportunity for me to slay my dreaded Nemesis the Skin Tones.  I went with some of my previous attempts at skin tones, and other models etc so Roman could see where my painting level was currently at, and to let Roman adjust the training to suit my current skill level and comfort zone.

The 1st thing is the way that Roman puts you at ease as in treat his studio as your studio for the time of the tuition.  But it is mind blowing the amount of cool stuff he has created and not just that many other artist for other inspiration etc.

Roman then go through and finalises the goal we were trying to aim for.  Class started with some basics like colour theory paint mixing etc which really helps you settle into the teacher student roles.  You then go away and duplicate his lesson by your self and as the lessons progress they push your understanding of the process and what can be done with a few techniques and a growing amount of confidence and control that you learn on the 1st day and the test piece.

On the 2nd day I was let loose on my project piece with roman in the background more to give support and answer any questions that may arise and help you solve any mistakes by making you think of day 1 lessons and use your newly acquired knowledge.

All in all my skin painting went from a 2/3 to at least a 7/8 as I still have a lot of practicing to streamline and solidify my new skill that are in my Tool Box.  If you ever need help on a technique or process then hand on heart I would recommend Roman hands down because his teaching style is exactly a match for my learning style.

I am already thinking about more lesson in the future with Roman as I already know I will come out a better, more skilled and confident person.

Roman also set me on a better road map for all my projects and how to handle them.

Thanks again Roman for the great time


Keep on happy painting, Mark!

I am looking forward to see you in the UK for some more lessons and great chats!

Best Wishes,


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