Project diary: 1177 B.C. - Epilogue

by David

Hey all,

welcome to the final instalment of my project diary. If you're wondering what this is, please check the announcement post, in which I explain the motivation and general goals of the diary. At the bottom of that post, you will find a link to all parts of this series.

Wow - What a ride! When I had the idea to write this diary to document the progress of my first project in 2021, after a six-month hiatus and absence of painting mood and inspiration, I had no idea that it would be almost four months before I would be finished. I thought: this is gonna be a quick and fun project to get back into the groove. Similarly, I thought that the diary would consist of quick-and-dirty notes to document the project's progress. Well, it turned out quite a bit differently.

In fact: while the project turned out to be much more extensive, both in time and in scope, than I thought, it did rekindle my painting energies and motivation. Similarly, the diary turned out to be as much a way to collect my thoughts during the project as it came to be an accountability tool to track my progress. The feedback I got from my jungle brothers and some of our readers also greatly encouraged me to keep on going writing the diary.

So, and in the spirit of documenting my thoughts, before I leave the diary behind me I want to put together a few notes on what I want to take away from this little exercise:

  • Writing a project diary is fun and greatly helps documenting the different steps of a project.
  • Writing a project diary in a way that other people can read and, hopefully, understand the different steps of a project is lots of work; but if you do it for yourself, it will be quick and easy, and could be done in just a few hastily scribbled lines and observations after a painting session.
  • Painting skintones in 1/72 is great fun.
  • I still have not really grasped NMM - more studies to come.
  • I still have much to learn when it comes to recreating water - more studies to come.
  • It's great to be patient and to try different approaches and multiple times when I'm not super-satisfied with a part of the mini.
  • But then again, it's also fine not being super-satisfied with that part of the mini and leaving it the way it is, if continuing on would sap motivation. I can always come back to it - if I really want - later, when inspiration and motivation is back.

So, thanks for having joined me on this journey. As always, feel invited to drop me a line in the comments to let me know if you found this format interesting and if you'd like to see something like it again, sometime in the future. In the meantime, take care!

Best, D.


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