Project diary: 1177 B.C. - Announcement

by David

Hey all,

this is David, with a glimpse into my part of the Massive Voodoo woodlands. I want to try something different today. As some of you know, I have been in painting hibernation pretty much since the beginning of the year - since January 11, to be exact. There's no real reason for the hiatus, I just did not feel like painting or playing with miniatures. I have had these spells in the past (usually in the hot summer months), I will have them in the future. And I really don't worry much about them. I just accept these periods of my creative moods being absent as part of the normal flow of inspiration and energy.

However, over the last couple of days, my painting mood and motivation have slowly been rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, and I've been pondering new project ideas and building up the energy to return to my colossal pile of WIPs. In fact, inspired by an audio book I have been listening to these days (more on that later), I had an idea for a quick, simple and fun project to rekindle the modeling and painting flame!

And that's where you come in! I would like to take you with me as I get back into the groove through a little project diary. The idea is that I describe and summarize this little "grooving back in" project in a series of brief articles, here on the blog. These will not be the long and detailed Step-by-Steps (SbS) that you are used to from the Massive Voodoo crew. Instead, I will post a quick article on the progress whenever I worked a substantial bit on the mini. A quasi-live SbS in individual installments, if you will! They will explain what I did with the project, and why - and also, of course, document the setbacks and problems (if any) that occurred - and how I addressed them.

So, I am happy to announce:

The next article in this series will be the prologue, in which I will talk a little bit about the project, the inspiration from that audio book I talked about, and tell the story I have in mind for the mini. And after this, I will start delving into the project - and you can look over my shoulder, if you like!

I'd be happy if you followed along - let me know, in the comments, if you have questions. Thanks so far - and see you in a bit!

Best, D.

p.s.: Big thanks to my jungle-brother Roman for making this wonderful header pic for my diary. You're the best!

Links to all published diary entries

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 1: Selecting the mini
  3. Chapter 2: Planning the base
  4. Chapter 3: Preparing the miniature
  5. Chapter 4: Building the base
  6. Chapter 5: Basic colors
  7. Chapter 6: Painting the skin
  8. Chapter 7: Painting the kilt
  9. Chapter 8: Painting the tiara
  10. Chapter 9: Painting shield and sword
  11. Chapter 10: Base-work: beach and water
  12. Epilogue


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