Welcome 2021!

by Roman aka jar

 Aloa Jungle!

Welcome to 2021! A fresh new year!
We hope you arrived safe and sound in the new year and we thank you for your patience on us.

The jungle has been quiet for some days now.
Several reasons: The silence and calm of Christmas, the switch into the new year, a pandemic that keeps its grip thight, I (Roman) was moving flats during this lockdown with not even a handful of friends due the lockdown rules and to be honest I am just starting to look out of my rabbit hole today. I am exhausted and settle in and arrive at the flat slowly.

We hope you are all healthy and take good care of you, your loved ones and on everybody else during this pandemic. Of course we all wished for that we could have left the Covid-19 in 2020 and were all surprised that it is still there, even with more aggressive mutations and so on. We all hoped for being back at normal in our lifes with this fresh start in 2021, but it is what it is, right? 

I will return back to normal email work and all soon, but also got the next months covered with building up a new studio place at home whilst the old studio remains until this is done to be able to coach my students. And yes I am already exhausted :D

Again this year it seems all plans rely on the pandemic and its restrictions. Right now I got several private coachings lined up. No large group workshops are planned at all as I still got to announce those which were postponed last year. Without further relief from pandemic restrictions it does not make sense to speak nor plan them at the moment.

I will soon play the jungle drums to call all the MV-Team together for finally judging the final winners of the challenge. Thank you all for your patience on this.

We will keep you informed!

Keep on happy painting!

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