SBS: Batman Fan-Art on Canvas

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle, 

another step by step
 - and something alternative to miniature painting.

In 2019 I rediscovered my joy in painting on canvas once in a while as a pure hobby.
As I am a big Batman fan I really had the urge to paint a fan art for myself. Here are the steps to it - I hope you enjoy!

1. Basic Sketch in blue, second serious sketch in red (both markers)

2. Using black marker on top to really get serious now.

3. Slapping in acrylic color ...

4. Gotham City is burning ...

5. More definition in blue areas ...

6. Fire burns and lights up from below ... a very common miniature painting technique too.

7. Needed Highlights, used a white marker to bring them back ...

8. Everywhere, also starting with the Bat himself ... already saw that his legs would be too long if I make him stand on that roof.

Added gargoyles to the black area with pure white ...

Now it works ...

9. Tinted everything that was white in blue and placed more oranges ... not the fruits.

10. Using black to work out the dark areas again ...

11. Started to add bat swarms ...

12. Finalized black and dark areas, reworked oranges here and there and called it done after about 30 hours of painting work.

The Dark Knight
90x70 Canvas
Mixed Media

I hope you like it!
It now is part of my living room. Really happy about it!
What do you think?

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