Review: Private Coaching with Evgenii

by Roman aka jar

Alo eh!
Some weeks ago Evgenii was visiting me
for a two day private coaching in the MV studio ...

I feel really honoured
to see students to travel from all over the world to learn from me. Evgenii travelled far from Russia to arrive in the safe painting space that is the MV studio ... thank you for your trust in my teaching skills and in my knowledge.

Me & Evgenii

This time we both had a really interesting coaching topic:

Evgenii wanted to learn what happy painting means for me and how this approach can be done by himself. Happy Painting means you are in connection with your emotions. Good and bad and sad ones and to be able to transport them in your creation. Quite the hard topic for any miniature painting teacher as it is not mainly technical, but very philosophical and emotional.

We started off with some deep talks that I can not explain here as I would not find the right words.
It was quite exhausting for both of us.

"I was also drained and at the same time I feel that our talks and painting and tea gave me some another kind of energy. Rare one.I'm truly happy that I've came and met you and learned from you." 
- Evgenii

"I remember you told me that sometimes you find theme in the process of painting. I think I can grasp that feeling a little now. I feel that ideas you've shared with me will take some time to settle and give roots". 
- Evgenii

"I've started rework of Old Court from the ground using your advises. And I feel the same strange feeling like something is helping me. Soul... I wold think of it. I feel like it finds it's way through mixing colors and applying with brush." 

- Evgenii

Of course we did not only speak about the soulful connection you can have to your paintjob. We also talked about the technical approach and how both can be combined. How you have to say goodbye to a technical perfection you used to achieve while aiming for perfection to keep the emotion alive. A thin red line, but so worth the journey.

Exhausted painters, hearts and souls :D

"For me our talks and emotions we shared were the most precious. Sometimes we all need someone to understand us. I'm glad that I somehow could help you. You helped me too.
Thank you for this experience." 
- Evgenii

This bust is by 2dreamers :)

If you want to learn from me
in your very own private coaching session, do not hesitate to contact me for further details via jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com.

Even though my schedule for 2019 is already full in terms of private coaching, we can slowly start making plans for sessions in 2020. I will be there for you and your personal growth as a painter!


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